The wheels on a bike

Got his new bicycle during raya break, finally. It’s good that our house on a dead-end road, and the government decided to tar the road one day after PRU13 – he gets to swing his new bike around nicely. Of course I have to tag along. This is no longer 1990s where kids play outside alone. *teringat dulu dulu main basikal sampai bunyi azan maghrib baru balik, tapi ada jugak sesetengah tu nak balik sebab nak tengok doraemon* :).


One day AE said, “Mummy, teacher Kelly said bicycle has 2 wheels”

Me: Yes, that is correct

AE: But……what about the two small wheels at the back?

Me: Well, coz it is small, we just don’t count it. [that’s the best answer I can think of that time!]

Happy riding!