Definition of the word Random – without definite aim, purpose, method, or adherence to a prior arrangement.

I’ve rarely blogged at random anymore. Okay well, I’ve rarely blog nowadays – but to blog randomly is even a rare occurrence. Suddenly I remembers the good old days where people blog about random things and tag their other random blogger friends. Nowadays people just tag in the facebook huh. Don’t know how the social network will be in the 5 years time.

Here are some random things in my mind now.

1. To kill the ‘haze’ boredom, I recently watched X Men First Class. I’ve tried watched Iron Man, Avengers, and other superheroes movies, but so far I can only layan X Men. Why is that?

2. I’ve finally watched Avatar. Haha…yeah I’m so out-dated. I’ve been deprived of movies post-2008 so now am resuming the activity. Thanks with the hard disk now stick to the tv. Anyway, the story-line is superb don’t you think? It’s just amazing how creative people goes beyond normal people imagination.

3. In relation to being creative, my lecturer highlighted that in order for us to ‘memartabatkan’ Bahasa Melayu, we have to be the producer – not follower. Only then other people will be required to ‘read’ malay. Kalau tak, tak kisahlah berapa kali kementerian pelajaran changing the method; BM/BI/BM/BI – our language will remain where it is now.

4.For example, south Korea. They produced phones, tabs, songs, drama series. Now all Malaysians recognizes their language. and as my ex-boss pointed out – Korea’s got its independence about the same time of Malaysia. So why are we behind?

5.Nonetheless, when this new fame of Korea being mentioned in front of a Japanese client of mine, he did not seemed impressed at all. Unlike Malaysian, the guy was very patriotic and at a certain extent defensive of his country. He said most of those new ‘inventions’ are actually mere act of copying. Well, this is just one man personal opinion so Korean please do not feel offended.

6.Changing topic, although now I only work part-time, I still feel I did not contribute enough to AE. Every time in the lecture hall and when the lecturer mentioned something new about child development, I felt “oh no I didn’t do that!”.

7.AE has spelling quiz every Monday now. I am not sure how far I should train him? I am afraid I am hard on him. But if I am lenient – will he be sad if he can’t answer the question the next day? For us as a parent to a 5-yr old, we don’t really care much, as long as he tried his best. But will zero marks affect his confidence then?

That’s it my random thoughts of today. Feel good to just type and go with the flow. Welcoming July and Ramadhan with hope and love. xoxo


to the Eastern Tip

This is an out-dated piece, we went there last March. But since I’ve published the article in Bonda magazine, might as well published here as well.

Desaru is located approximately 88 kilometers east of Johor Bahru, on the South China Sea. The journey from Kuala Lumpur is around 3.5 hours, where the new Senai Desaru Expressway (after PLUS exit) will take you straight to Desaru. There are few beach resorts in Desaru, but I think the place is still considered as secluded an unspoiled. Located on the eastern tip of the Malay Peninsula, it comprised of around 22 kilometers of sandy white beaches accompanied by the glistening waves of the South China Sea. Desaru is also not far from Legoland, but we decided not to go there yet as my son has not reached the minimum heights for some of the rides.

If your kids love animals (like mine!), one of the most interesting places to visit in Desaru are the crocodile farm. It is located in Kampung Belading, Teluk Sengat. If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, you will actually pass the area before arriving Desaru. Located at a secluded palm oil plantation, the crocodile farm has thousands of these fierce reptilians (and still expanding!). The crocodiles were divided by age and gender. While we were there, the worker was so friendly, explaining to us details about the crocodiles such as its food, anatomy and habitat. The worker used a long stick to show how the crocodile responded so quickly with its tail when it was disturbed. Using the stick, the worker also able to show us where is the crocodile’s tongue located, since most of us there did not know where it was exactly. There was all kind of crocodiles there; including the 135-year old crocodile, the oldest inmate there. Interestingly, for the brave ones, baby crocodiles can be taken out gently for petting. Nonetheless, we were informed that there were no crocodile feeding shows there. We saw one in Sarawak a few years ago which was quite amazing.

our brave boy (mummy geli!)

our brave boy (mummy geli!)

Near the croc farm you can find this place selling its unique dish, belangkas!

Near the croc farm you can find this place selling its unique dish, belangkas!

Another favorite places for my son was the Desaru Ostrich Farm, Teluk Ramunia. Honestly, I prefer this place more than the crocodile farm, perhaps due to my not-so-fondness to the reptiles. The ostrich farm was established in 2001 with more than 300 ostriches around. I found out that this is the most complete ostrich breeding facility in Malaysia. We are really impressed with the farm as its personnel gives thorough explanation on the ostriches. It was a wonderful informal education for the children.

The ostriches are in the large sandy compound, close to their natural habitat in the wilds. You will start with the beginning; they will show you the hatching area where they keep the eggs. We were lucky as there was an egg hatched on that day and my son got to hold a newly-hatched baby ostrich. After watching the hatching part, you can try to stand and balance yourself on the ostrich eggs!

The ostriches are grouped based on their ages. The little ones are put under the roof as they are not strong enough yet to face the Malaysian-weather. As they reach teen years, they are move to none rooftop sandy area. We were informed that sand is a must for the ostrich. They cannot walk on other kind of soil. They also need sand to eat food since they do not have teeth on their own. As such, they bite some sand before their meal.
Most of the ostriches were friendly. We even manage to see the male ostrich performed its mating dance, showing its beautiful feather while emitting loud sounds. As like other animals, the males are more attractive than females, which is opposite to human I suppose! The male ostriches have beautiful black feathers and red beak, whilst the females have grey feathers. Although friendly, the mothers remain protective of its eggs. As such, only the farm owner can take the egg, not the other workers. Visitors are allowed to pet, stroke and feed the ostriches. Nonetheless, ostriches are attracted to glittering object so it is good if all the jewellery were kept out of sight before you enter the farm. For more adventurous children, a ride on trained bird’s back is available. Notably, there was also one cassowary bird there, living amongst the ostrich. We were informed that the bird was almost endangered in Malaysia.

he volunteered to ride!

he volunteered to ride!

In addition to the ostriches, there are other varieties of birds reared in the farm such as the Polish Chicken. The only thing I did not like about the farm was that it also has a monkey in a cage. After finish touring the farm, you can try ostrich-derivative delicacies next to the farm such as the ostrich satay, burger or their egg’s omelette.

At night, we went to see the fireflies along the mangrove wood after a delicious seafood dinner. My son definitely so happy to see fireflies for the first time! We were informed that the best time to come and see the fireflies is during the new moon period as it will be completely dark at that hour. Other than all the animals’ sightseeing, we really enjoyed the Desaru beach. It was definitely not crowded, breezy and my son just loves playing with the white sand. For the mommies, there are plenty of hammocks and good spas to rejuvenate yourself!



the new beginning.

Hi peeps.

I feel so guilty to this blog. It has been left neglected for the past 1 month. It has been more than one time I wanted to write in it, but somehow I did not manage to do it. Well, I was rarely in front of the pc nowadays. I only read FB or instagram from my phone. But blogging is still my favourite social network. I’ve never blog through phone though. I feel like there was not enough space.

Okay here are the main things that happened for the last one month:

1. I have decided to leave the corporate world, finally. It is something that I have give a thought for more than 1 year – and I feel now is the perfect time to do it. Alhamdulilah, it has been 1 month and I have not regret my decision. Hence the reason why I seldom in front of the pc nowadays. Friends asked how do I feel about this. Since it is still very recent – I am not sure yet myself but what I know is that now I need not to worry when I heard thunder at 4.30pm, and the feeling is priceless. Seriously.

2. I occupy my time now with part-time teaching (and part-time studying). To those who have followed my blog surely know I have this thing about early childhood education (ECE). So that is the area I’m focusing now. I guess my future entries will revolve around that too (insyaAllah) coz there are so many new insights on this area I just discovered and would love to share with the readers.

3. On a different note, we celebrated our birthdays and our 8th wedding anniversary last month. Alhamdulilah thanks to Allah to give me a companion in my journey in this world. My husband has been the most supportive person in this new beginning, and for that I am totally grateful. I can’t believe we have been together for the last 8 years! It does not feel that long to me – hopefully that’s a good sign? haha.

To my hubby,
I know there have not been many entries about us lately (compare to zaman remaja dulu). I am sorry if you ever feel neglected. But honestly, I do love you MORE now. I pray to Allah that we will be together till jannah:).

I love you till the moon and back

I love you till the moon and back

I want both

It has been a trend now that I’m posting 1 entry/month. I’m sorry readers, I’m just getting busier by each day. I’ve taken part time weekend class now, doing part time work, and planning for some more projects in the future. phew.

But I just want to jot down here a few things about AE. How our toddler has now totally becomes a kindergarteners, having a mind of his own. For example when you ask him, “which one do you want, ice cream or cake?”. In the past, he will answer either one. But now, he will give a long thought and answers “I want both”.

Hubby and I like…wow, it’s not even in the answer list. And even us rarely use that word. (English is not our first language at home).

Another example is when hubby asked him, “what do you think mummy is doing at home, praying or cooking?”. His answer is “I don’t know”.

I just love that. Of how kids being genuine and innocence. I know to some people these are not even worth mentioning, but in my opinion this exact particular trait diminish when we grow older.

AE also absorbing information like sponge now, adding new schema to his brain everyday. It’s not just animals now – it’s either mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, or amphibians. It about gender, habitats, and food. Mummy need to do some google check now and then! [But please – mummy knows the beautiful peacock with big tail is male okay]. 

Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah for such an amazing gift.



when we went to How to Catch A Star theatre last month

when we went to How to Catch A Star theatre last month

letter from a friend

My lecturer gave us a task to get a family, friend or colleague write a letter about you. I asked my closest friends and one of them (Sue) volunteered to write. *Thanks darling Sue*

It is a simple one page letter that summarized how we met and our friendship throughout the years. When I read the letter, somehow it reminded me of one of our friend, Mariam who passed away four years ago. Although the letter never mentioned Mariam’s name, somehow it made me remember her. Maybe since i) the letter talks about friendship; and ii) how I never had a chance to write similar letter to the late Mariam. Upon finishing reading the letter I broke down and cried.

Just nonchalantly, I mentioned that to Sue – how the letter reminded me of Mariam. Surprisingly, she said she also remembered Mariam while writing the letter! I’m like wow…. It’s like I can read between the lines, huh.

I showed the letter to hubby, and it does not really trigger any memory of Mariam to him. Well, look it is just a women thing – reading too much between the lines, haha.

Just a reminiscent on how we should value friendship, and that the loved ones will never be gone. May we meet in Jannah. (I have so much to tell her) – okay I’m going to cry again.

For the young at hearts!

Finally, another month passed by just for another entry! Okay, this is about our last trip to Hong Kong last January. Macam biasa cerita mix malay-english;).

HK is a 4 hours journey from Malaysia. The customs and baggage collection were smooth at the airport. English signages were everywhere and airport staffs were very helpful telling us where to go. The Airport Express Train which will bring you the city is right outside the arrival hall. Hong Kong’s subway lines are superb; connecting all the main areas consists of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. You can buy their Octopus Card (similar like Touch N Go in Malaysia) and any unused values at the end of your trip can be refunded at the stations or airport. Trains are punctual and although the stations were always crowded, there was no pushing when the train arrived pheww…

As AE just turned 4yrs old, we think it is just nice age for Disneyland. Well, of course the parents pun excited. I’ve been to the one in LA and Florida but I don’t mind going to another one:). Well, Disneyland Hong Kong is much smaller scale in comparison to other Disneyland, but I think it is just nice for AE’s age.

We got the Disneyland ticket online prior the trip. We took around 1 hour to reach the park from our hotel (which was located in Soho area) via MTR. They have this cute Disney train connection. If you want to avoid too much traveling, there have two hotels near the Disneyland Park, which apparently was fully-booked during my traveling period. So if you are aiming for that, do book early.

To save time (and energy!), it is recommended for you to study the park’s map prior visit, so that you know locations of the main attractions in the park in accordance to your family’s interest. AE is very into Buzz Lighyear and we were on that 4 times!!! *sakit leher weh tembak alien*.

A few rides offer ‘fastpass’, so that also can help you manage your time. Check out the show times, too. AE loves the Lion King show so much we watched it twice! Do wear comfortable shoes and it is good to arrive there as soon as the gate opens to avoid the long que.

Well, one thing the park is missing is the characters – there aren’t many of them. But AE is not into that though (although muka dia nampak excited kejap nampak Belle from Beauty & the Beast hihi). Tapi firework die sangat marvelous okeh, Florida pun kalah. Sangat wajib tunggu and tengok. Lebih kurang macam cerita Kungfu Panda 2 haha.

Facility wise, the toilets are clean and there have water coolers so you can refill your bottles. All staffs speak fluent English and very friendly. Food price is as per expectations (a.k.a mahal taraf theme park) and there is also a halal restaurant to cater for the Muslim.

The next day we went to Ocean Park, located at Aberdeen. Although it is not accessible via MTR yet (under construction), it is very easy to go there via citybus Route 629, which runs daily from the Admiralty MTR Station. The park is divided into two areas namely i) the Waterfront and ii) the Summit. The two sections are connected by 1.5km cable car system and train. AE sangat suka cable train kalau boleh nak naik banyak2 kali huhu…The sceneries during the ride were breathtaking – ocean and mountains and also the Hong Kong city all in one.

I think the Waterfront mainly cater for younger kids. It has large aquarium, panda sanctuary (the panda was sleeping while we were there) and smaller rides like merry-go-round and choo choo train. Meanwhile the Summit has a lot of adrenaline kind of rides. Take note most rides at the Summit require kids to be 122cm tall; AE was disappointed he cannot go to one of the river-kind rides (mcm kat sunway lagoon). There were also dolphins and bird shows, but the bird show was narrated in Chinese language. In comparison to Disneyland, the park is less clean but we managed. There is a big playground at the Waterfront, and AE was so into that. (mcm lah kat Malaysia takde playground – kids will be kids I supposed).

Sightseeing the Hong Kong city was smooth with the well connected subways. You can also hop on the ferry to go across with a minimal charge, which can be paid using the Octopus card. Hong Kong is famous with its skylines, which is said to be one of the world’s best skylines. On our last night there, we managed to watch the “Symphony of Lights” show from the Avenue of Stars. The show involved 40 buildings on both sides of the harbor performing synchronized laser beams and colored lights. AE imagined the buildings were shooting each other! I think it is amazing that they perform this show every night, which lasts for about 15 minutes.

The weather was perfect (18-21 Celcius) while we were there. Ala2 spring gitu. So jalan2 takde lah peluh ketiak hihi. Kesimpulannya memang best, AE keeps on asking when we are going there again. Some pictures to summarize our joy:)

HK street in the morning

HK street in the morning

the fancy train to Disneyland

the fancy train to Disneyland

AE's favourite section- Tomorrowland

AE’s favourite section- Tomorrowland

Utopia - super fun ride!

Utopia – super fun ride!

Buzz Lightyear!

Buzz Lightyear!

It's a small world!

It’s a small world!

Adventureland, another favorite!

Adventureland, another favorite!

@ Tarzan's house (AE's favorite character!)

@ Tarzan’s house (AE’s favorite character!)

the castle (smaller scale, but still gorgeous)

the castle (smaller scale, but still gorgeous)

very impressive fireworks!

very impressive fireworks!

@ Ocean Park

@ Ocean Park

cable car ride ~ breathtaking scenery!

cable car ride ~ breathtaking scenery!

old HK street

old HK street

Welcoming 2013

Happy New Year 2013 everyone! (still in January, not too late!)

Have been quite busy hence the quiet blog. Still busy, so this is just a short post to mark the beginning of this year. Unfortunately I don’t have NY resolutions. Maybe coz I don’t have problem with my weight now? haha…yeah, that’s quite a common resolution throughout women’s lifetime.

Nonetheless in general, of course I’m hoping we (me+ family) will do more good deeds, becoming better persons inshaAllah.

AE has started his year 5 class with no-tears so far, alhamdulilah. I will post about his birthday later.
InshaAllah I’m going back to part-time study soon yeay! May Allah makes it easy for me and the family. Hopefully this year will be the start of wonderful new beginnings~

Oh yeah, really enjoyed the 13-Jan-13 game. Isn’t it a wonderful way to usher the new year? :).

we are half way there!

we are half way there!

Happy New Year. Enjoy the long weekends end of this month!

yellow belt yellow snake

Hi peeps!

December will be here tomorrow and soon if Allah permits we will be able to enter the year of 2013. Alhamdulilah 2012 has been filled with so much blessings. A few decisions made early of the year has certainly improved our life, can’t thank Allah enough for the guidances.

December has always been a busy month socially to us. Besides attending weddings, planning for holidays, it is also AE’s birthday yeay! Now that he is almost 4yr old, he understands more what it means to grow from one age to another, how people become taller and smarter (supposedly). His common idea is “nak besar nanti nak pergi diving”.

Moreover, now as a ‘big’ boy, he wants to be more involve in decision-making. Like what he wants to wear or what kind of birthday cake he wants:). lately semua baju yang takde gambar totally no-no. Siap sound “mummy, baju mummy tak cantik takde gambar”.

AE is now on school holiday (his pre-school don’t have holiday program), so we have been sending him to the daycare full day. On the first week, he cried insisted to go to school. *sigh*. Bila time sekolah, ko nak pergi daycare. Bila time cuti, ko nak pergi sekolah. Whatever btollah.

Don’t want him to loose the ‘learning’ mode, I tried my best to go through with him some writings and reading of sight words. Alhamdulilah AE is a good boy, he never say no whenever I asked him to do his ABC book or coloring. It’s just all up to me. I should be doing it every night, but sometimes time passes by so fast at night and suddenly it’s already 11pm? Kalau parents mood malas, anak pun apa lagi tgk movie Lorax and Ice Age 4 sepanjang malam huhu…Sometimes this situation makes me feel our child is at a disadvantage in comparison to the kids with stay-at-home moms😦. Hmm..dilemma of a working mother, it never end.

AE will enter the school next year with his new taekwondo belt yeay! He passed his first examination and has received the new Yellow Belt from the master. Yeay mummy tak payah basuh dah the white belt haha..

We are very proud of you son. Mummy & daddy confirm kalah, tak pernah amik taekwondo:). But the day the master gave the belt to him, he told us “Master David kasik new yellow snake”. Haha he’s still obsessed with his ‘snakes’ and other kind of reptiles. All our belts are now his ‘snakes’ and youtube selections revolve around similar reptiles. No more kracie hamburger video.

At almost 4yrs old, he can also fully recite al-fatihah, alhamdulilah. Favorite activity still revolve outdoor such as running, football & sand play. Sometimes he is still clingy, but I think he has improved tremendously over the year. Still need to improve his confidence level, at least to tell the teacher that he needs to go to the toilet. Any tips?

By the way last night we asked him whether he wants younger sibbling. We have been asking him for few times already and his answer is always no. But this time he answered “TAKNAK. Sebab adik pendek and muntah buweeekk”.
OMG siap dgn bunyi muntah lagi kali nie haha…We love you Ashman Ehsan.

receiving his new yellow belt!

receiving his new yellow belt!

playing with his crocodiles:)

playing with his crocodiles:)

dkt mall pandai plak tak clingy, tetiba pergi baring atas kerusi?

not that clingy at the mall:)

sand play @ Penang recently

sand play @ Penang recently

our honey bunch:)

our honey bunch:)

See ya later alligator. Hope you have a wonderful December!!!!

sleeping beauty no more

Once you become older (leaving the teenage life and entering adulthood), you realised it’s not easy to get a good sleep. Remember the good old times in high school & uni when you can stay up until subuh and sleep until noon. Waking up only to the smell of my mom’s homemade lunch. *good old days*.

Once you become a mother, it is twice harder. It begins when you preggy, you will have a hard time finding comfortable position. Then when LO is a baby, sleep is again interrupted with night breastfeeding. The first three months you will be like a zombie. The best tip I got (actually from the series FRIENDS) is to go to sleep whenever LO does. It works, but not all the time. For example, unlike LO, I can’t sleep after Asar prayer as it makes me drowsier when I wake up.

Then after 1-yr and LO has stop bf, you thought you can sleep like normal again. SUPPOSEDLY. But somehow the ‘gift’ was taken away from you. You can try, but it just won’t be the same anymore and I don’t know exactly why. When I was given time off by hubby (away from LO), I still can’t sleep. On the other hand, when I’m very sleepy, my 4-yo won’t let me nap. (not sure whether this apply to fathers though as they usually dozed off quiet easily?).

Anyway, in related to my babbling about sleep…something funny happened last night.

Usually we all go to bed around 1030-11pm. It’s a routine we have to stick to since AE enrolled to formal preschool – so that he won’t be all tired the next morning and can wake up at 730am the latest. Btw, I still think it’s partly psychological coz he can wake up so easily on weekends (without me waking him up!).

Last night I felt slightly tired than usual so I just casually said I want to go to sleep (at 10pm – earlier than scheduled). Surprisingly, AE said “okay, tapi kita nak main dulu kat luar”.

Happily I said okay go ahead, coz it’s not easy that he will let me sleep before him.

Then he said, “mummy sleep kat luar lah. kita nak tengok mummy”.

Trying my luck, I said “Ashman main kat dalam lah. Pergi amik toy.”

Surprisingly he said okay!

Wah best, quickly I climbed on the bed and get into the blanket.

20 seconds later…


OMG….! There were so many toys outside and he chose to bring in his DRUM!!! Which he rarely played all this while!

and 20 seconds later his dad joined in with the banging. Together with the Perak soccer song. Hmm…memanglah tak dapat tidur. Terima sajalah hakikat…:)

fantastic baby!

We attended AE’s school concert last saturday. It was super-fun, with AE dancing to the rhythm of the Fantastic Baby by Big Bang. Well, not being a k-pop fan, I have never heard that song in my whole life before but I’m still very entertained with the show! So proud to see how he has grown up. It feels just like yesterday we attended his first concert. At that time he was filled with tears when I send him backstage (actually more like high-pitched crying nak mommy nak mommy), and during the show he basically just sat at the bench (trying to control his emotion) with some hand clapping during the “lion sleeps tonight” show. Suddenly this year? sudah jadi k-pop. haha…

AE is a shy kid at school (NOT at home). We try our best to motivate him to be more confidence and speak more, but currently he is still shy (although the teacher said he has improved). So for him to dance in front of a crowd – it’s an achievement indeed and hopefully it can brush up his confidence further.

He is fully diaper-free since after raya (not at night), but still sometimes encounter accident at school – again because being reluctant to speak to the teachers. I’m not sure how to tackle this issue, but hopefully it will improve since he is a year-end baby and will only turn four years old this coming December.

I sometimes miscalculate certain things. For example last May when I visited his school I realised some kids can already write their own name, but not AE. (I never try to teach him though). Plus he hates coloring and can’t color in lines like most kids. I even googled about this to get some guide. Of course opinions on the internet differs as every kid is different. But the main thing I got is kid should be able to write their name when they are six.

Anyway, around raya time – suddenly AE loves coloring so much and can write his name! (without me teaching – must be from school). Looks like he’s about 4 months behind his peers in certain areas, which I think make sense being a December baby? Now we have a whole stack of A4 papers full with his artwork with his name written by himself:).

Other than that, he is growing healthily and is a very active toddler alhamdulilah. He has also been taking taekwondo for the last 6 months (part of the school’s curriculum) and he began to like it more and more. Talking non-stop at home (sometimes even in his sleep!), being witty at times. Some of the things he said:

[while reading very hungry caterpillar book]
AE: On Monday he eats one apple. On Tuesday, taekwondo. (hahaha he’s referring to his school schedule instead).

[when he sense I’m going to scold him]
AE: kita nak kiss mommy sebab mommy cantik.

[at the mosque]
me: Ashman jangan bising okay.
[but during the prayer saw him running around]
me: Ashman kenapa lari2?
AE: mummy kata jangan bising, kita tak bising. !!!

[another one at mosque]
hubby: nie tempat belajar jugak (pointing at the mengaji place outside the praying area)
AE: Kidz Cabin lagi cantik (referring to his school) *pengsan*

[after art work]
me: Ashman, kemas meja
AE: yerlah, aku jugak (this he picked-up from Upin & Ipin)

[another one from Upin Ipin]
AE: tadi kite dah mengaji jadi takde hantu lah kan.

me: ashman main football ngan sape at school?
AE: ngan friend la
me: teacher tak main?
AE: teacher amik gambar lah mummy. kite je main, teacher amik gambar kite. (haha perasan!)

[while watching HP]
AE: mummy kenapa voldermort nak bunuh Harry?
and zillion other questions that I try my best to answer…

May you continue to grow up healthily, both physically and emotionally and are under Allah’s blessing. InsyaAllah.

big bang kidz cabin style!