The end and the beginning

It is November 2015.

AE finished his standard 1. Wow. Felt like yesterday he just went to orientation. Where he was lost and can’t find his class.

So last week I told him next year he has to change class for Standard 2. He thought about it. Then he cried.

I asked why.

He said he don’t want to change class. He is shy. He don’t want to make friends. Knowing him, I know it must be overwhelming for him to start all over again.

I give it a thought.

Then I said you think you can’t do it. But you actually can.

Remember when you first start standard 1, you got lost during orientation? You can’t find your class.

You don’t know what your class name. You have to learn that. Then learn your teacher’s name. You learn where is the canteen, the toilet, the book shop, etc.

Now you know a lot of things.

You know how to buy food at the canteen, at the bookshop. You know all your teachers’ names. You memorize your class’s schedule (like if I ask what he has for Monday – he will say: BM, BI, BA, DSV), and you don’t even know what is BM last time.  You wake up everyday at 6.00am and pray subuh, brush your teeth on your own. Last time during kindy it was so hard for you to wake up.

When I was saying this (meaning to comfort him), I realise what I’ve been saying is the truth. How much he has grown up.  He has indeed discovers a lot of things and new knowledge.

I realised that night that I am so proud of you boy. You have certainly grow up. XOXO



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