There’s so much things to update. About how IM has started to turn. How AE graduated from kindergarten. But for now I just would like to say I love you to my other half. In juggling our work and chores, it’s funny how we hardly say these mushy things anymore. Well, I mean like in the blog. This blog used to be fulled with his stories. Seriously, it’s hard to be romantic when a little baby is breastfeeding. *sigh*.

Well we do say I love you when he was passing by to go to the laundry while I was cooking, or sometimes there is an I love you” note in the ‘to-buy-grocery’ list. Or in a desktop. In a way, that is romantic in its own way. *at least that’s what I think*.

I guess that is just how love evolves. From being teenager-romantic to adult-P.S I love you kinda love. I hope we grow old together and still love each other. Like in that movie, Up. May Allah bless us.



Thanks for being there.

I love you.