drinking my cold milo…

Okay so I thought I could update this regularly now I am officially a SAHM. Oh wow. How I forgot the period of handling a newborn. Yes I remember those sleepy hours, but some other details have only now resurfaced…such as….

~Now I eat my breakfast while cooking lunch. Well, it is usually bread, eating by the sink. *sigh*

~I crave for coffee, the smell from nearby coffee house seriously killing me. But then I usually have to settle down for made-milo at home. Usually it will be a cold milo just because by the time you remember to drink it was already cold.

~Changing diapers at least 6x a day. Seriously I didn’t remember baby poop that much. Oh and Ian Muhsin is a leaky type. LOL.

~Taking my bath so quietly, afraid that it will awaken the baby.

~Peeing while brushing my teeth to save time.

~Having difficulty of what to wear even with a full wardrobe. Ughh…Well I know this is universal woman problem, not only post-maternity. But more so for the post-maternity as we also need something that is breastfeed-friendly. Oh hubby please read this and buy me a new clothes. LOL.

~High heels? Hide it far away in the shoe closet.

Nonetheless when people have been asking how I feel? Leaving my hard-earned salaries for this? I do feel wonderful. It’s like I’m absorbing every moment so that I will not forget it. I guess that is motherhood. Simply amazing.

I will not trade it with anything else, for now. I have a promise to fulfill for now. (or more like a poop to clean to) Got to go.

*Anyway, to make it easier IM is a well behaved boy. Usually happy, content and not much fuss. Alhamdulilah. InsyaAllah will talk more about him in another post!


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