The Story about Ian

Wow, so I left my blog unattended for 8 months. phew. Sorry. But I did have good reason this time. This is not an excuse. What could happened in 8 months? I fell sick. I got sick like I got when I was pregnant with AE. Yes, this is a story about Ian.

We were undecided for a while whether we want a 2nd child. I guess coming from ‘not-so-many-sibblings‘, I was not so much bother about that. Well, when AE was about 3yo, I did hope for one. Even planning the menstrual calendar. Who am I kidding, of course that did not work. Hence after a year doing that, I realised Allah has better plan for us. I stop hoping and focus on other more important things. Started my new life as SAHM. We donated most of AE’s clothes, except some memorable ones – I believe those clothes are meant for someone else now.

Around last year, hubby’s friend dropped by our house. AE had so much fun playing with him, he was so sad when the guy left. The guy told hubby – AE needs adik. Yeah…if only that come like fruits from tree. 

But that was my turning point. Nope, not the menstrual calendar. This time I leave it all to the Almighty. Realising AE might be lonely, I started to pray for one. I asked Allah for a gift, to complete this family. If it is deemed best for our son to have a brother/sister, please grant us an opportunity to raise another. The last fasting month, I tried not to miss tahajud, especially the last 10 days – realising the power that lies within it.   

Allah answers our prayer, alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah.

Muhammad Ian Muhsin (meaning: gift from God; orang yang berihsan) arrived into our world on 13th May 2014. May he brings more happiness in our life & hereafter. 



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