Multiple Intelligences

It has been forever I wanted to share this with the readers.


This theory of multiple intelligence above by Howard Gardner in 1983 suggests that a child can be intelligent in many areas, rather than traditionally just one type. Contohnya, kadang kadang ada orang cakap, “budak tu tak pandai sekolah, pandai melukis je.”. The first sentence contradicted where budak tu actually memang pandai. He possess a type of intelligence that not all people has. 

Hence when a child is young, it is vital if parents/guardians/teachers can discover which one of the above that child possesses. According to Gardner, the child have at least 4 of the intelligences above. But if this passion and skills are not nurtured, it can be gone when they become adult.

For example, a child with kinesthetic intelligence may lose it if he did not practice it when he is a child. Contohnya kalau student tu asik disuruh belajar dan baca buku tapi tak pernah bersukan atau pergi playground, maka lama lama hilanglah kemahiran kinestetic dia bila dia besar.

Instead, by recognizing and polishing these skills, the child will become a balanced person inshaAllah.


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