Definition of the word Random – without definite aim, purpose, method, or adherence to a prior arrangement.

I’ve rarely blogged at random anymore. Okay well, I’ve rarely blog nowadays – but to blog randomly is even a rare occurrence. Suddenly I remembers the good old days where people blog about random things and tag their other random blogger friends. Nowadays people just tag in the facebook huh. Don’t know how the social network will be in the 5 years time.

Here are some random things in my mind now.

1. To kill the ‘haze’ boredom, I recently watched X Men First Class. I’ve tried watched Iron Man, Avengers, and other superheroes movies, but so far I can only layan X Men. Why is that?

2. I’ve finally watched Avatar. Haha…yeah I’m so out-dated. I’ve been deprived of movies post-2008 so now am resuming the activity. Thanks with the hard disk now stick to the tv. Anyway, the story-line is superb don’t you think? It’s just amazing how creative people goes beyond normal people imagination.

3. In relation to being creative, my lecturer highlighted that in order for us to ‘memartabatkan’ Bahasa Melayu, we have to be the producer – not follower. Only then other people will be required to ‘read’ malay. Kalau tak, tak kisahlah berapa kali kementerian pelajaran changing the method; BM/BI/BM/BI – our language will remain where it is now.

4.For example, south Korea. They produced phones, tabs, songs, drama series. Now all Malaysians recognizes their language. and as my ex-boss pointed out – Korea’s got its independence about the same time of Malaysia. So why are we behind?

5.Nonetheless, when this new fame of Korea being mentioned in front of a Japanese client of mine, he did not seemed impressed at all. Unlike Malaysian, the guy was very patriotic and at a certain extent defensive of his country. He said most of those new ‘inventions’ are actually mere act of copying. Well, this is just one man personal opinion so Korean please do not feel offended.

6.Changing topic, although now I only work part-time, I still feel I did not contribute enough to AE. Every time in the lecture hall and when the lecturer mentioned something new about child development, I felt “oh no I didn’t do that!”.

7.AE has spelling quiz every Monday now. I am not sure how far I should train him? I am afraid I am hard on him. But if I am lenient – will he be sad if he can’t answer the question the next day? For us as a parent to a 5-yr old, we don’t really care much, as long as he tried his best. But will zero marks affect his confidence then?

That’s it my random thoughts of today. Feel good to just type and go with the flow. Welcoming July and Ramadhan with hope and love. xoxo


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