the new beginning.

Hi peeps.

I feel so guilty to this blog. It has been left neglected for the past 1 month. It has been more than one time I wanted to write in it, but somehow I did not manage to do it. Well, I was rarely in front of the pc nowadays. I only read FB or instagram from my phone. But blogging is still my favourite social network. I’ve never blog through phone though. I feel like there was not enough space.

Okay here are the main things that happened for the last one month:

1. I have decided to leave the corporate world, finally. It is something that I have give a thought for more than 1 year – and I feel now is the perfect time to do it. Alhamdulilah, it has been 1 month and I have not regret my decision. Hence the reason why I seldom in front of the pc nowadays. Friends asked how do I feel about this. Since it is still very recent – I am not sure yet myself but what I know is that now I need not to worry when I heard thunder at 4.30pm, and the feeling is priceless. Seriously.

2. I occupy my time now with part-time teaching (and part-time studying). To those who have followed my blog surely know I have this thing about early childhood education (ECE). So that is the area I’m focusing now. I guess my future entries will revolve around that too (insyaAllah) coz there are so many new insights on this area I just discovered and would love to share with the readers.

3. On a different note, we celebrated our birthdays and our 8th wedding anniversary last month. Alhamdulilah thanks to Allah to give me a companion in my journey in this world. My husband has been the most supportive person in this new beginning, and for that I am totally grateful. I can’t believe we have been together for the last 8 years! It does not feel that long to me – hopefully that’s a good sign? haha.

To my hubby,
I know there have not been many entries about us lately (compare to zaman remaja dulu). I am sorry if you ever feel neglected. But honestly, I do love you MORE now. I pray to Allah that we will be together till jannah:).

I love you till the moon and back

I love you till the moon and back


2 responses

  1. Congrats on the new journey! bestnya takyah rushing balik from work.. wonder when will i reach to that point.. hopefully i will one day.. hehehe..
    Nways, wanted to contact you pasal KC.. ada open day tak for next year’s enrollment.. this year tak jadi pulak.. let me know..

    • Hi Anne,
      Looks like there’s no open day – but you can always call the principal and make appointment to pay a visit. thanks.

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