I want both

It has been a trend now that I’m posting 1 entry/month. I’m sorry readers, I’m just getting busier by each day. I’ve taken part time weekend class now, doing part time work, and planning for some more projects in the future. phew.

But I just want to jot down here a few things about AE. How our toddler has now totally becomes a kindergarteners, having a mind of his own. For example when you ask him, “which one do you want, ice cream or cake?”. In the past, he will answer either one. But now, he will give a long thought and answers “I want both”.

Hubby and I like…wow, it’s not even in the answer list. And even us rarely use that word. (English is not our first language at home).

Another example is when hubby asked him, “what do you think mummy is doing at home, praying or cooking?”. His answer is “I don’t know”.

I just love that. Of how kids being genuine and innocence. I know to some people these are not even worth mentioning, but in my opinion this exact particular trait diminish when we grow older.

AE also absorbing information like sponge now, adding new schema to his brain everyday. It’s not just animals now – it’s either mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, or amphibians. It about gender, habitats, and food. Mummy need to do some google check now and then! [But please – mummy knows the beautiful peacock with big tail is male okay]. 

Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah for such an amazing gift.



when we went to How to Catch A Star theatre last month

when we went to How to Catch A Star theatre last month