letter from a friend

My lecturer gave us a task to get a family, friend or colleague write a letter about you. I asked my closest friends and one of them (Sue) volunteered to write. *Thanks darling Sue*

It is a simple one page letter that summarized how we met and our friendship throughout the years. When I read the letter, somehow it reminded me of one of our friend, Mariam who passed away four years ago. Although the letter never mentioned Mariam’s name, somehow it made me remember her. Maybe since i) the letter talks about friendship; and ii) how I never had a chance to write similar letter to the late Mariam. Upon finishing reading the letter I broke down and cried.

Just nonchalantly, I mentioned that to Sue – how the letter reminded me of Mariam. Surprisingly, she said she also remembered Mariam while writing the letter! I’m like wow…. It’s like I can read between the lines, huh.

I showed the letter to hubby, and it does not really trigger any memory of Mariam to him. Well, look it is just a women thing – reading too much between the lines, haha.

Just a reminiscent on how we should value friendship, and that the loved ones will never be gone. May we meet in Jannah. (I have so much to tell her) – okay I’m going to cry again.