Welcoming 2013

Happy New Year 2013 everyone! (still in January, not too late!)

Have been quite busy hence the quiet blog. Still busy, so this is just a short post to mark the beginning of this year. Unfortunately I don’t have NY resolutions. Maybe coz I don’t have problem with my weight now? haha…yeah, that’s quite a common resolution throughout women’s lifetime.

Nonetheless in general, of course I’m hoping we (me+ family) will do more good deeds, becoming better persons inshaAllah.

AE has started his year 5 class with no-tears so far, alhamdulilah. I will post about his birthday later.
InshaAllah I’m going back to part-time study soon yeay! May Allah makes it easy for me and the family. Hopefully this year will be the start of wonderful new beginnings~

Oh yeah, really enjoyed the 13-Jan-13 game. Isn’t it a wonderful way to usher the new year? :).

we are half way there!

we are half way there!

Happy New Year. Enjoy the long weekends end of this month!


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