yellow belt yellow snake

Hi peeps!

December will be here tomorrow and soon if Allah permits we will be able to enter the year of 2013. Alhamdulilah 2012 has been filled with so much blessings. A few decisions made early of the year has certainly improved our life, can’t thank Allah enough for the guidances.

December has always been a busy month socially to us. Besides attending weddings, planning for holidays, it is also AE’s birthday yeay! Now that he is almost 4yr old, he understands more what it means to grow from one age to another, how people become taller and smarter (supposedly). His common idea is “nak besar nanti nak pergi diving”.

Moreover, now as a ‘big’ boy, he wants to be more involve in decision-making. Like what he wants to wear or what kind of birthday cake he wants:). lately semua baju yang takde gambar totally no-no. Siap sound “mummy, baju mummy tak cantik takde gambar”.

AE is now on school holiday (his pre-school don’t have holiday program), so we have been sending him to the daycare full day. On the first week, he cried insisted to go to school. *sigh*. Bila time sekolah, ko nak pergi daycare. Bila time cuti, ko nak pergi sekolah. Whatever btollah.

Don’t want him to loose the ‘learning’ mode, I tried my best to go through with him some writings and reading of sight words. Alhamdulilah AE is a good boy, he never say no whenever I asked him to do his ABC book or coloring. It’s just all up to me. I should be doing it every night, but sometimes time passes by so fast at night and suddenly it’s already 11pm? Kalau parents mood malas, anak pun apa lagi tgk movie Lorax and Ice Age 4 sepanjang malam huhu…Sometimes this situation makes me feel our child is at a disadvantage in comparison to the kids with stay-at-home moms๐Ÿ˜ฆ. Hmm..dilemma of a working mother, it never end.

AE will enter the school next year with his new taekwondo belt yeay! He passed his first examination and has received the new Yellow Belt from the master. Yeay mummy tak payah basuh dah the white belt haha..

We are very proud of you son. Mummy & daddy confirm kalah, tak pernah amik taekwondo:). But the day the master gave the belt to him, he told us “Master David kasik new yellow snake”. Haha he’s still obsessed with his ‘snakes’ and other kind of reptiles. All our belts are now his ‘snakes’ and youtube selections revolve around similar reptiles. No more kracie hamburger video.

At almost 4yrs old, he can also fully recite al-fatihah, alhamdulilah. Favorite activity still revolve outdoor such as running, football & sand play. Sometimes he is still clingy, but I think he has improved tremendously over the year. Still need to improve his confidence level, at least to tell the teacher that he needs to go to the toilet. Any tips?

By the way last night we asked him whether he wants younger sibbling. We have been asking him for few times already and his answer is always no. But this time he answered “TAKNAK. Sebab adik pendek and muntah buweeekk”.
OMG siap dgn bunyi muntah lagi kali nie haha…We love you Ashman Ehsan.

receiving his new yellow belt!

receiving his new yellow belt!

playing with his crocodiles:)

playing with his crocodiles:)

dkt mall pandai plak tak clingy, tetiba pergi baring atas kerusi?

not that clingy at the mall:)

sand play @ Penang recently

sand play @ Penang recently

our honey bunch:)

our honey bunch:)

See ya later alligator. Hope you have a wonderful December!!!!


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