fantastic baby!

We attended AE’s school concert last saturday. It was super-fun, with AE dancing to the rhythm of the Fantastic Baby by Big Bang. Well, not being a k-pop fan, I have never heard that song in my whole life before but I’m still very entertained with the show! So proud to see how he has grown up. It feels just like yesterday we attended his first concert. At that time he was filled with tears when I send him backstage (actually more like high-pitched crying nak mommy nak mommy), and during the show he basically just sat at the bench (trying to control his emotion) with some hand clapping during the “lion sleeps tonight” show. Suddenly this year? sudah jadi k-pop. haha…

AE is a shy kid at school (NOT at home). We try our best to motivate him to be more confidence and speak more, but currently he is still shy (although the teacher said he has improved). So for him to dance in front of a crowd – it’s an achievement indeed and hopefully it can brush up his confidence further.

He is fully diaper-free since after raya (not at night), but still sometimes encounter accident at school – again because being reluctant to speak to the teachers. I’m not sure how to tackle this issue, but hopefully it will improve since he is a year-end baby and will only turn four years old this coming December.

I sometimes miscalculate certain things. For example last May when I visited his school I realised some kids can already write their own name, but not AE. (I never try to teach him though). Plus he hates coloring and can’t color in lines like most kids. I even googled about this to get some guide. Of course opinions on the internet differs as every kid is different. But the main thing I got is kid should be able to write their name when they are six.

Anyway, around raya time – suddenly AE loves coloring so much and can write his name! (without me teaching – must be from school). Looks like he’s about 4 months behind his peers in certain areas, which I think make sense being a December baby? Now we have a whole stack of A4 papers full with his artwork with his name written by himself:).

Other than that, he is growing healthily and is a very active toddler alhamdulilah. He has also been taking taekwondo for the last 6 months (part of the school’s curriculum) and he began to like it more and more. Talking non-stop at home (sometimes even in his sleep!), being witty at times. Some of the things he said:

[while reading very hungry caterpillar book]
AE: On Monday he eats one apple. On Tuesday, taekwondo. (hahaha he’s referring to his school schedule instead).

[when he sense I’m going to scold him]
AE: kita nak kiss mommy sebab mommy cantik.

[at the mosque]
me: Ashman jangan bising okay.
[but during the prayer saw him running around]
me: Ashman kenapa lari2?
AE: mummy kata jangan bising, kita tak bising. !!!

[another one at mosque]
hubby: nie tempat belajar jugak (pointing at the mengaji place outside the praying area)
AE: Kidz Cabin lagi cantik (referring to his school) *pengsan*

[after art work]
me: Ashman, kemas meja
AE: yerlah, aku jugak (this he picked-up from Upin & Ipin)

[another one from Upin Ipin]
AE: tadi kite dah mengaji jadi takde hantu lah kan.

me: ashman main football ngan sape at school?
AE: ngan friend la
me: teacher tak main?
AE: teacher amik gambar lah mummy. kite je main, teacher amik gambar kite. (haha perasan!)

[while watching HP]
AE: mummy kenapa voldermort nak bunuh Harry?
and zillion other questions that I try my best to answer…

May you continue to grow up healthily, both physically and emotionally and are under Allah’s blessing. InsyaAllah.

big bang kidz cabin style!


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