fire truck!!!

Eid mubarak! Hope everyone had a fruitful ramadhan and a blessed syawal.

Anyway, this entry is long-overdue. It’s about our trip to fire-engine station, happened before the ramadhan month. It was our first trip with the Ibu family group: Ibu Family and we really enjoyed it so much!

We arrived at the Sri Hartamas fire station around 9am. AE was quite excited already looking at the fire engine:). After everyone has arrived, the captain led the briefing. Will get the pictures to tell the rest of the story.

this is what you need to do when there’s fire

The sheet is supposedly fire. So you need to crawl towards the exit. You can’t walk normally because of the smoke (saya pun tak aware benda nie). Oh yeah, before that the captain explained in case your body catch fire, you need to ‘drop and roll’. I don’t have AE’s picture on this, maybe on hubby’s phone.

this is what firemen wear when there’s fire-rescue mission

While the normal ‘celoreng’ clothes is used in their daily work.

this is what we do when there’s fire siren

They did a demo on this, where you heard the sound of siren and all the handsome firemen came down sliding. Then whoever would like to slide are most welcome. Of course I didn’t, of course hubby did.

the most anticipated part, ne no ne no (eh betul ke bunyi die macam tu?)

hubby & AE at the co-pilot seats, the best seats I presumed.

a joyride! went around the station a few times.

2nd round ride without the parents

after the ride, some of the kids still ‘lepak2’ inside the truck, including AE. Ajak turun takmau. Suka sangat lah tu considering he’s a shy boy. Then the captain baik hati drove that truck one last time:)

the last part…trying the water hose

wet wet wet! father & son:)

We will definitely join again this kind of trip in the future! Thanks to Ibu:)


2 responses

  1. Babe.. This is super duper cool! I never know we have activities like this for kids in malaysia. Selalu tgk dlm cerita hollywood je budak2 dpt visit fire station. Looks like they had so much fun.
    Btw, mamat baju putih dlm gambar second last tu fireman gak ke? Kalau abg bomba hense, gitu hari2 i bakar sumah sendiri..hahaha

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