the last few days

I’m so sorry I don’t really have time to update. There are a lot of things to share, but time is pretty tight this Ramadan. Hopefully everyone have a blessed and beneficial ramadan. May the month has brings us closer to our Creator, and hopefully we will remain in the right path even as ramadan is leaving us…May we won’t forget the sincere steps we have take towards change, transformation and redemption, insyaAllah.

There are four more days left, which also means four more days for qiyaam. Quoting an article: Qiyaam is the best prayer after the obligatory prayer; in an authentic Hadeeth the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said: “The best prayer after the prescribed prayers is praying in the middle of the night.” [Muslim] He also said: “The closest a person gets to his Lord is in the middle of the night, so try to be one of those who remember Allaah at that hour.” [At-Tirmithi]

The blessing of this month meant so much and is priceless. Alhamdulilah. I pray that we have chance to see the next Ramadan, insyaAllah.

Will update after raya. Forgive me for any wrongdoings. Have a safe journey.