conference with LO:)

Once I learned a trick from a blogger mom (can’t remember who) that she usually bring wrapped toys to get the kids occupied in long flights. Not necessarily new toys, but she wraps it just to increase excitement. I sometimes try this when we journey back to hubby’s hometown (once even when we attended akad nikah held as mosque) and it did work. But last month I applied it full-force.

It was when I attended the Being Me Muslimah Conference at Matrade. Last minute, hubby said he has to go outstation that day. I really wanted to go, especially because of Yasmin Mogahed was amongst the speakers. But I feel bad to leave AE with babysitters on weekends (coz weekend suppose to be family time) so I gambled and brought him along.

The conference is all day long so I’m not sure whether the same trick hold. I just thought, well we just go and stay as long as we can survive. Just pray that hopefully Allah makes it easy for us. By the way now that he’s a toddler, long gone the time when breastfeeding can comfort anything:).

Well, guess what…we managed to stay until Maghrib time when AE finally fell asleep. He didn’t complaint or did anything I can’t handle, and even ask to go to the conference again the next day! So I thought I just share the tricks here to the other moms out there. At least you won’t feel bad that you have to leave your kids to babysitter on weekends, and at the same time you still get to enjoy some quality ‘own’ time. Thanks to my niece huserk who accompanied us:).

1. Get small toys that you can easily put in the bags. Eg: yoyo, small cars, animal figurines, rubix cube, activity book. Depends on where you are going, balls and balloons are very helpful, too. I always have balloons in my handbag, just in case. It has been handy when we attended open houses during raya season. He can even play it with new friends.

2. Wrap it. Unwrapping it already give you 5 precious minutes. I didn’t wrap during the conference though coz didnt have enough time. But I put it in some recycle box:).

3. Don’t give all to him to play at once. Take it out one by one from the bag. I found this way it will buy you much more time. Once he said “I’m bored”/ “taknak main dah”, you’ll take out another one. So at first he’ll spend time exploring each toy individually and towards the end he’ll combine all the toys and play it with another creative way.

4. It has to be new. From my experience, anything new will attract and occupy kids. That’s why they love toys at somebody else’s home, although they have similar one at home. For the last conference, I spend RM50 at Toys ‘R’ Us and got about 4 toys. Well, if you go to pasar malam you’ll get much more toys. have no time last time coz I found out from hubby quite last minute. Still, the RM50 worth every penny.

By the way, new does not mean it comes from the store. Remember last time I mentioned about rotating toys. Kids sometimes considered toys that are stored away as new. For example, I haven’t take out the ‘being-Me conference toys’ out again since that day. So it might come handy some other day. And if your kids receive too much toys during her birthday, hide a few for rainy days.

Similarly, the same “new” trick works for DVD (if you bringing dvd players on holiday – we did when we go back hometown or to most holidays) and Iphone apps. Prior the conference, I woke up early just to download a few new kids’ apps. It’s very important not to install it earlier coz then AE will stay up at night playing it instead, defeating the purpose. After installing, you should figure out how to play the game first beforehand. Takkanlah time conference baru nak sibuk ajar kan….

By the way, these are some kids’ apps that my son (age 3.5yrs old) loves. Do share yours!

1. Jigsaw 123
2. Tap the Frog
3. Zoo Train
4. Snowman 3D
5. Fruit Ninja
6. Bubble Mania
7. Baby-Chef
8. Animal Puzzle
9. Temple Run
10. Wedding Dash (okay actually this is mine but somehow he’s playing it too!)

By the way, before when he was younger around 1-2yrs old, he loves all the Duck Duck goose apps. Now he has grown out of it. I’ll share some notes from Yasmin Mogahed’s talk insyaAllah next time.

20 more days of Ramadhan for us to fulfilled wisely, insyaAllah.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! We are bringing Faliela on another long-haul flight in a few weeks time and my hubby has been nagging me about how to occupy her onboard ;( What kind of material do you usually wrap it with? Paper? Can I use clothes instead?

  2. I wrapped it in gift paper, so nampak mcm hadiah. But for Faliela’s age, I think clothes are fine, too. From your observation, I think you know what kind of toys she likes the most. Eg: the one with sound when she presses or the one that moves (like slinky, jack in the box). So aim for that one. Avoid toys with wheels nnt bergolek pulak:). What about books? Put all the goodies in a backpack underneath your seat. Take one by one out. Depends how long your flight are. Nak pergi mana? hehe…

  3. Yes, she likes books but kinda heavy to bring books around cos all her books are the thick ones. We both support the same football team, that’s where I am going 🙂 Thanks for the information!

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