Ooh La La!

I was a bit busy last few weeks. Well, backtracked on Euro, Germany was not up to it. I’m sad but just have to accept the fact that they are not Champion-type just yet. There are a bit like Arsenal, don’t you think. Adventurous game, but not no.1.

Well, I was doing spring cleaning when I found a box of high school letters from my friends. It was the period while I was in boarding school, where the letters came from my old friends from hometown. I haven’t see the box for more than 10 years! Going through it, I was actually surprised reading it, coz some of the things I did not even recall doing it! I thought I have a good memory, but apparently maybe our memories are selective. You only want to remember things that you want to remember, perhaps?

Paling tak tahan bila baca surat2 tu banyak ayat2 lirik lagu KRU. hahahaha…..sangat klasik. Most letters mesti nak selit pasal KRU. Well, it was 1994-96 period. That time everybody knows lyrics of Janji Tinggal Janji and Ooh La La. Come to think of it, I think they are still the best boy band in Malaysia. Do you have any other candidate? I bet Lisa Surihani must be one of their die-hard fan:).

One friend wrote “I’m going to send you my latest pictures, but I need to save money first so I can buy KRU latest cassette”. OMG! I totally forgot all about that. I mean I do remember we listen to tape back then, but little details like saving money to buy the tape (it cost around RM19.90 right?), and looking for the posters or tshirts or trying to get the glimpse of them outside their studio. Haha sweet high school memories.

Baca the envelope pun dah nak tergelak, coz of the phrases like “Is Tea May Where” or “Thank you Abang Posmen!”. Too bad nowadays friends don’t write to each other anymore. Everything in facebook and twitter, which literally is not physical. You can’t touch it, you can’t see his handwriting and it can be gone in a blink of an eye. The new generation maybe will have more difficulty to remember their high school memories I guess.

So I didn’t throw any of the letters away. I just keep it back in the shoe box, there goes my spring cleaning:).

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims. May this month brings us closer to our Creator. InsyaAllah.


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