Let’s stop the Azzurri

So the quarter final is over! Honestly I can’t wish for a better selection of teams. Germany vs Italy and Spain vs Portugal. Looking how they have passed the group and quarter stages, it will be an exciting matches! Combination of adventurous play and creative moves with attacking flavors. I think most spectators prefer that rather than a quiet, defensive games. Especially if you have to watch it at 2.45 in the morning! 🙂

I really wanted Germany to win. I’ve been supporting them since early 2000s (not as early as Man United of course). During the olden days, I supported England (coz EPL was the only league I watch) but watching them play in Euro 2004 made my heart wrenching with frustration. Apparently, they were great players in EPL but quiet a disappointment in the international games. On the contrary, I was hooked with the Germany team with their new philosophy focused on the attacking skills under Jürgen Klinsmann back then (and now Joachim Löw). Their adventurous young players add such creativeness to the game. There was Lahm, Schweini, Ozil, Muller in the last WC, and this time around they have even more…Schürrle, Reus, etc. Btw, I can still remember the smell of victory when we defeated Argentina in the last WC. hehe.

Anyway, Italy is a hard team to beat. Bring it on team. (Please no more 3rd place this time).

I’m not sure what’s my take on the other semi final. I’m split between not wanting to meet Spain in the final and not wanting CRonaldo to win. Haha.


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  1. The same here for not wanting to meet Spain in the final. But as I’m writing here after watching the penalty kicks between Spain and Portugal, lets just hope if Germany do meet Spain in the final, it won’t end up with penalty kicks. Casillas is like this big king kong defending his post.

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