Tioman retreat

Warning: this entry is going to be overloaded with pictures.

We took a MATTA package for Berjaya Tioman, the package was for a 3D2N but we added in another extra night. I think we paid total around RM850/person including flight, 1 snorkeling trip, everyday buffet breakfast and 1 BBQ dinner and I have to say the package was certainly worth it!

We took a morning flight, the flight was full although school holiday has not started! AE has to ponteng 2 days of school. Btw, it was against my principle to ponteng but I have to follow the majority:) hehe.

smooth check in at Subang

The flight was smooth alhamdulilah. Upon arriving, there’s a bus shuttle to Berjaya Tioman waiting.

dah sampai:)

the wheel on the bus go round and round

Checked in at Berjaya hotel was smooth. Although it was still early in the morning, we got our room right away. We have to take the buggy coz it was far from the reception desk. Well, the resort is a very big resort, it has its own golf course!

our comfy room for the next 4 days.

Our room was connected to Angah’s, AE was jolly happy about that. Right after unpacked, we headed straight to the beach for some sand play. Alhamdulilah the weather was super nice, not too hot or too cloudy.

nice beach!

Then we checked out the swimming pool. AE loved it right away coz of the slides, but they said it could get crowded during school hols. After a few round going up on the slide with hubby, AE went on his own! good job!


After lunch, we went for the first snorkeling/diving trip. Huserk dah jadi diver sekarang, so now there were 2 divers in our group. Amongst all snorkeler, saya yg penakut sekali dgn air. Well, I can’t swim and the last time I snorkel was in 2008 at Sipadan! zaman AE belum lahir okeh. Anyway, we went to Marine Park where u can feed the fish with bread. AE had a blast:).

3 jejaka at marine park

The next day was a busy day, we went snorkeling at four diving points. The first one is to Tulai island. The beach was so gorgeous, blue water white sand. But the marine life was not that impressive. But the fishes will flock you when you feed them bread. Wah sangat demanding kah ikan2 di Tioman nie? So jangan lupe bawak sebuku roti okeh. (We just took some breads from the hotel breakfast buffet). The best location is definitely Renggis, the marine life were everywhere and water not too deep, perfect for snorkelers. The divers saw turtles and sharks, too.

let’s go!

white sandy beach

We stopped by at Salang for lunch (and AE did his business there). This area has more shops and restaurants compared to Tekek (where Berjaya Tioman Resort located at).

at Salang

baby marisse comey napping on the boat:)

After the dive trip, they all still have energy to swim at the pool. Sabar je la. Both AE and baby isse (my grand niece) love swimming so much! After asar, the guys went for fishing session while the rest lepak2 makan room service. By the way, the Berjaya’s room service food was delicious;).

Other than the hotel’s food, we ate at Restoran Delima right outside the hotel. The food was okay I guess but pricey. I think all island food are pricey, so don’t assume you can get cheap seafood there. Btw, the BBQ seafood dinner provided by the hotel was absolutely delicious!!!

The next day the divers went for another round of dive while hubby tried discovery scuba. AE cried as he wanted to follow Angah diving. *sigh*. He understand the fact that he can’t go (keep on repeating he wanted to dive when he’s bigger), but he still can’t stop crying. Anyway, after sending the divers off, we spent the day swimming at the beach and exploring the resort.

at the resort’s park

The playground. There’s big football field behind.

he can swim by himself now with the new float. yeay!

The last day, we went to Renggis again. It was very near with Berjaya Tioman itself, just a 5-mins boat ride. You can snorkel there for 1/2 day, it was so beautiful. The water was calm that morning, even the kids had a blast swimming in the open sea:). Tengah tengah snorkeling tetiba dengar suara AE “nak ikut mummy! hahaha….

crystal clear water at Renggis

I really hope the marine life won’t be destroyed over time. In ranking, IMHO I think Sipadan is much more beautiful subhanAllah, but Tioman is better than Perhentian.

Thanks to everyone for the lovely trip and helped to take care of our son and huserk for being my guardian in the water…hehe…

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  1. Such nice pictures. It looks like you really had a good time.

    We live in Singapore and it’s nice to have Pulau Tioman so close to us. It’s a mere few hours away and great for scuba diving trips, as well as snorkelling.

    And the makan is sooo sedap.

    We’re going to visit again next month – Singapore school holidays are coming up. And I think Malsyai schools too, right? I can’t wait!

    Have fun 🙂

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