Top 10 Euro 2012 WAG

hello hello hello! It’s that time of the year, Euro-2012 yeayy!!!

Despite the uncertainty in the euro-debt crisis, with probability of Greece exiting Euro and Spain banks needed aid, the show must go on. Oh yeah that’s what we love about sports!

Honestly, I haven’t watch any of the game because it still group stage and as the timing are late (12midnight and 2.45am Malaysia time). Well, not that late but now I’m a mummy, I do have to ‘pretend’ to go to bed early in order to get the little one to sleep. Of course, I’ll be the one who dozed of first. *sigh*. Anyway, thanks to Astro I got to watch all the highlights, as many time as possible all the time.

Of course I’m rooting for Germany. Their first game was not that convincing, lacking lethal attack. Really hope the next game against Holland is a better one.

So since the game is still lack of excitement, let just elaborate on something less dull ~ The Euro 2012 WAG:). Well, what is football without them right? I just choose WAG whom partners I know though coz that makes more sense, and sorry there are no swimsuit pictures here.

1. Shakira

The new addition WAG after declaring her relationship with Gerard Pique. She tweeted the above picture with remarks “I present you my sunshine”. Sweet. Padan kan, even though there’s quite age difference. Everyone know she is so gorgeous okay. But who would ever thought she’ll be a WAG when she sang that hips don’t lie song years ago.

2. Sarah Brandner

Schweinsteiger’s girl has always been my favorite, maybe because I’m a Germany’s supporter? But isn’t she so girl’s next door.

3.Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau

Netherland Sneijder’s wife. There were married 6 days after Sneijder played the final of the FIFA World Cup. She has the most gorgeous smile.

4. Sara Carbonero

One of the famous WAG during the last World Cup, they were saying Casillas was distracted because of her. Whatever la kan nasib baik Spain menang pun. Macam bintang bollywood pun ada.

5. Alena Seredova

Buffon is still the top choice goalkeeper after so many years, thus Alena’s name is still in the list:). Alena was Miss Czech Republic 1998. They were finally married last year in Prague, after six years of dating and two children. Nice wedding dress!

6.Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfirend, a Sports llustrated swimsuit model. She has been in my list before, that means they have been dating for quite a while.

7.Sylvie van der Vaart

Van der Vaart’s wife. She’s currently one the favorite WAGs from the EPL camp. I think maybe because she look so friendly and pleasant? A model and a breast cancer survivor.

8. Lara Alvarez

New addition in Spanish team WAG, Sergio Ramos’s girl. Like Carbonero, she’a also a TV reporter. Maybe it’s a trend now, at least they have excuse to follow the tours (konon nak buat coverage). hehe.

9.Lena Gercke

Another one from the Deutschland. Sami Khedira’ lady, a model and the first winner for the Germany’s Next Top Model. I love her hair!

10. Melanie Slade

I was searching for number 10 just to make the list look nicer. Not really keen on Sara Tomassi (coz I don’t like Balotelli?) haha…then I saw this cute girl. She’s with Walcott since uni, now has graduated and works as a sports physiotherapist. On her 21st of birthday, Walcott gave her a Ferrari but she turned it down as it was too flashy for a student and she preferred her VW Beetle he bought her when she was 18. This story is enough to make this list:).

So which one one do you like the most? (Kaka’s lady Caroline not in the list, too bad. I love her).


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