the Night Road

I haven’t write book review for a long time! I guess my reading habit subside when the breastfeeding stop? But lately I’ve started pick-up the hobby again (coz I realised I still have so many books to read from the big bad wolf shopping spree), and it proves fruitful. Coz the latest book I’ve read Night Hour by Kristin Hannah was really good!

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

It was about friendship, high-school love and motherhood. I guess the genre fits me well. High school was one of the life-changing moments for me (and for most people?). It is the time when you think your parents (and other adults) don’t understand you, always seems to disagree with you and never take you seriously even when you were damn serious already. They will make phrase like “you will understand it once you are older”, and inside your heart you are like “WHAT?”

Then there is this first love /high school love theme which of course relates to me in many ways. Even though I rarely blog about it now (my first love), the memories will always forever be in my mind. How teenagers can become a hopeless romantic, being very much in love with each other, the heartbreaking farewell, the promise ring, [yup, we had that, too🙂].

Although some people will see high school love as childish, to me it also contains originality and sincerity -you simply just fall in love. On the contrary, in adult world, people usually (not always) consider things like where to take her for a date, what car he drives, where he is working, etc. You are analyzing too much it becomes more complicated.

Last but not least, the motherhood theme – being consistently worry about your child’s well being. It is just natural; it is what mothers all around the world do. The main character in this book, Jude is what people refer to as helicopter mom, trying her best to serve her kids 24/7. If I’m not mistaken one of her dialog to her daughter was “I live to serve you, Mia”. By the way, I just love the way the author uses the nickname Madre (mom in Spanish), it signifies closeness between mother-children yet classy at the same time.

Anyway, if you are into the abovementioned themes, this book is a recommended one!

Have a great weekend peeps!


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