mummy’s boy manja busuk

It’s almost a month since my previous entry. It has been a very enjoyable May, alhamdulilah. We celebrated a few birthdays and managed to go to Tioman for 4 days with the family. It was a really rejuvenating holiday. I’ll talk more about it later when I’m in the mood to select some pictures to upload:).

Well now that it’s June, AE going to start his 2nd semester of preschool soon. Means he’s going to start taek-wondo, too as it is part of the syllabus. yeayy!

Alhamdulilah AE hasn’t been crying for the past 2 months already during the morning separation at school. Honestly, at first I didn’t expect that AE will cry for more than the usual first week during the morning separation. But then I kind of grasp the idea that every kid is unique, and it is just a bit difficult for him to handle separation anxiety. We are confident that he’s okay at school, coz ada sorang dua je yg cry pagi2 where everyone else happy2 walla. Plus AE also cries when we leave him at my mom’s or my sister’s. He’s simply manja busuk, angah yang manjakan:P.

Now that he’s no longer an infant, I no longer wrote his progress month-by-month. Still, in my opinion toddler is such a fun phase. It’s the phase where creativity emerged yet honesty and originality prevailed. You know, like Disneyland:). I think that’s why I’m very interested in early childhood education at the first place.

He’s so into football, running and swimming, I don’t really have enough energy to catch up anymore. Relying heavily on his dad for this physical activity part. He hates coloring (not a boy thing?), but loves playdough, stamping, glueing and painting. I’ve also realised he is into computer games. We don’t have it around (except for some games in my phone) but whenever his cousins playing one, he’s so attached to it sampai merajuk2 nak main. Hubby said it’s normal for a kid. I don’t really like computer games (except diner dash haha) so don’t really know about that.

I also just have to accept the fact that AE is such a mummy’s boy. Nak mummy, nak mummy, nak mummy. Well, most of the days he can play by himself. But some days dunno why mood manja, he won’t even let me take my bath or pray. I’m trying my best to let him be independent and hopefully this ‘clingyness’ (is there such a word?) will phase out as he grows bigger. Anybody has tips on this? Hubby said “nanti bila awak tua rindu pulak nak kat dia”. Of course la kan, but I still need to train him to be independent to built his self confidence.

He is such a loving, caring and sensitive boy. Once while he was watching tv, I intended to tease him by laying on his lap. He said “mummy!” ,but then kiss my forehead. Sweet:). Last week was another priceless moment when he told me he loves me. Usually when I tell him I Love You he always reply by saying “You”. But one day last week he called me softly, “Mummy”. “Yes?” “I love you”. Never mind he’s doing that while he was pooping, I think that was still so sweet:).

I pray everyday that our busuk manja will be a soleh, healthy, smart, kind-hearted boy. We.Love.You.So.Much.Ashman.Ehsan.

with his dragon during Suria KLCC Teddy’s Day out. Dragon won first prize for best teddy’s friend:)


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