Let’s stop the Azzurri

So the quarter final is over! Honestly I can’t wish for a better selection of teams. Germany vs Italy and Spain vs Portugal. Looking how they have passed the group and quarter stages, it will be an exciting matches! Combination of adventurous play and creative moves with attacking flavors. I think most spectators prefer that rather than a quiet, defensive games. Especially if you have to watch it at 2.45 in the morning! 🙂

I really wanted Germany to win. I’ve been supporting them since early 2000s (not as early as Man United of course). During the olden days, I supported England (coz EPL was the only league I watch) but watching them play in Euro 2004 made my heart wrenching with frustration. Apparently, they were great players in EPL but quiet a disappointment in the international games. On the contrary, I was hooked with the Germany team with their new philosophy focused on the attacking skills under Jürgen Klinsmann back then (and now Joachim Löw). Their adventurous young players add such creativeness to the game. There was Lahm, Schweini, Ozil, Muller in the last WC, and this time around they have even more…Schürrle, Reus, etc. Btw, I can still remember the smell of victory when we defeated Argentina in the last WC. hehe.

Anyway, Italy is a hard team to beat. Bring it on team. (Please no more 3rd place this time).

I’m not sure what’s my take on the other semi final. I’m split between not wanting to meet Spain in the final and not wanting CRonaldo to win. Haha.


Tioman retreat

Warning: this entry is going to be overloaded with pictures.

We took a MATTA package for Berjaya Tioman, the package was for a 3D2N but we added in another extra night. I think we paid total around RM850/person including flight, 1 snorkeling trip, everyday buffet breakfast and 1 BBQ dinner and I have to say the package was certainly worth it!

We took a morning flight, the flight was full although school holiday has not started! AE has to ponteng 2 days of school. Btw, it was against my principle to ponteng but I have to follow the majority:) hehe.

smooth check in at Subang

The flight was smooth alhamdulilah. Upon arriving, there’s a bus shuttle to Berjaya Tioman waiting.

dah sampai:)

the wheel on the bus go round and round

Checked in at Berjaya hotel was smooth. Although it was still early in the morning, we got our room right away. We have to take the buggy coz it was far from the reception desk. Well, the resort is a very big resort, it has its own golf course!

our comfy room for the next 4 days.

Our room was connected to Angah’s, AE was jolly happy about that. Right after unpacked, we headed straight to the beach for some sand play. Alhamdulilah the weather was super nice, not too hot or too cloudy.

nice beach!

Then we checked out the swimming pool. AE loved it right away coz of the slides, but they said it could get crowded during school hols. After a few round going up on the slide with hubby, AE went on his own! good job!


After lunch, we went for the first snorkeling/diving trip. Huserk dah jadi diver sekarang, so now there were 2 divers in our group. Amongst all snorkeler, saya yg penakut sekali dgn air. Well, I can’t swim and the last time I snorkel was in 2008 at Sipadan! zaman AE belum lahir okeh. Anyway, we went to Marine Park where u can feed the fish with bread. AE had a blast:).

3 jejaka at marine park

The next day was a busy day, we went snorkeling at four diving points. The first one is to Tulai island. The beach was so gorgeous, blue water white sand. But the marine life was not that impressive. But the fishes will flock you when you feed them bread. Wah sangat demanding kah ikan2 di Tioman nie? So jangan lupe bawak sebuku roti okeh. (We just took some breads from the hotel breakfast buffet). The best location is definitely Renggis, the marine life were everywhere and water not too deep, perfect for snorkelers. The divers saw turtles and sharks, too.

let’s go!

white sandy beach

We stopped by at Salang for lunch (and AE did his business there). This area has more shops and restaurants compared to Tekek (where Berjaya Tioman Resort located at).

at Salang

baby marisse comey napping on the boat:)

After the dive trip, they all still have energy to swim at the pool. Sabar je la. Both AE and baby isse (my grand niece) love swimming so much! After asar, the guys went for fishing session while the rest lepak2 makan room service. By the way, the Berjaya’s room service food was delicious;).

Other than the hotel’s food, we ate at Restoran Delima right outside the hotel. The food was okay I guess but pricey. I think all island food are pricey, so don’t assume you can get cheap seafood there. Btw, the BBQ seafood dinner provided by the hotel was absolutely delicious!!!

The next day the divers went for another round of dive while hubby tried discovery scuba. AE cried as he wanted to follow Angah diving. *sigh*. He understand the fact that he can’t go (keep on repeating he wanted to dive when he’s bigger), but he still can’t stop crying. Anyway, after sending the divers off, we spent the day swimming at the beach and exploring the resort.

at the resort’s park

The playground. There’s big football field behind.

he can swim by himself now with the new float. yeay!

The last day, we went to Renggis again. It was very near with Berjaya Tioman itself, just a 5-mins boat ride. You can snorkel there for 1/2 day, it was so beautiful. The water was calm that morning, even the kids had a blast swimming in the open sea:). Tengah tengah snorkeling tetiba dengar suara AE “nak ikut mummy! hahaha….

crystal clear water at Renggis

I really hope the marine life won’t be destroyed over time. In ranking, IMHO I think Sipadan is much more beautiful subhanAllah, but Tioman is better than Perhentian.

Thanks to everyone for the lovely trip and helped to take care of our son and huserk for being my guardian in the water…hehe…

Top 10 Euro 2012 WAG

hello hello hello! It’s that time of the year, Euro-2012 yeayy!!!

Despite the uncertainty in the euro-debt crisis, with probability of Greece exiting Euro and Spain banks needed aid, the show must go on. Oh yeah that’s what we love about sports!

Honestly, I haven’t watch any of the game because it still group stage and as the timing are late (12midnight and 2.45am Malaysia time). Well, not that late but now I’m a mummy, I do have to ‘pretend’ to go to bed early in order to get the little one to sleep. Of course, I’ll be the one who dozed of first. *sigh*. Anyway, thanks to Astro I got to watch all the highlights, as many time as possible all the time.

Of course I’m rooting for Germany. Their first game was not that convincing, lacking lethal attack. Really hope the next game against Holland is a better one.

So since the game is still lack of excitement, let just elaborate on something less dull ~ The Euro 2012 WAG:). Well, what is football without them right? I just choose WAG whom partners I know though coz that makes more sense, and sorry there are no swimsuit pictures here.

1. Shakira

The new addition WAG after declaring her relationship with Gerard Pique. She tweeted the above picture with remarks “I present you my sunshine”. Sweet. Padan kan, even though there’s quite age difference. Everyone know she is so gorgeous okay. But who would ever thought she’ll be a WAG when she sang that hips don’t lie song years ago.

2. Sarah Brandner

Schweinsteiger’s girl has always been my favorite, maybe because I’m a Germany’s supporter? But isn’t she so girl’s next door.

3.Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau

Netherland Sneijder’s wife. There were married 6 days after Sneijder played the final of the FIFA World Cup. She has the most gorgeous smile.

4. Sara Carbonero

One of the famous WAG during the last World Cup, they were saying Casillas was distracted because of her. Whatever la kan nasib baik Spain menang pun. Macam bintang bollywood pun ada.

5. Alena Seredova

Buffon is still the top choice goalkeeper after so many years, thus Alena’s name is still in the list:). Alena was Miss Czech Republic 1998. They were finally married last year in Prague, after six years of dating and two children. Nice wedding dress!

6.Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfirend, a Sports llustrated swimsuit model. She has been in my list before, that means they have been dating for quite a while.

7.Sylvie van der Vaart

Van der Vaart’s wife. She’s currently one the favorite WAGs from the EPL camp. I think maybe because she look so friendly and pleasant? A model and a breast cancer survivor.

8. Lara Alvarez

New addition in Spanish team WAG, Sergio Ramos’s girl. Like Carbonero, she’a also a TV reporter. Maybe it’s a trend now, at least they have excuse to follow the tours (konon nak buat coverage). hehe.

9.Lena Gercke

Another one from the Deutschland. Sami Khedira’ lady, a model and the first winner for the Germany’s Next Top Model. I love her hair!

10. Melanie Slade

I was searching for number 10 just to make the list look nicer. Not really keen on Sara Tomassi (coz I don’t like Balotelli?) haha…then I saw this cute girl. She’s with Walcott since uni, now has graduated and works as a sports physiotherapist. On her 21st of birthday, Walcott gave her a Ferrari but she turned it down as it was too flashy for a student and she preferred her VW Beetle he bought her when she was 18. This story is enough to make this list:).

So which one one do you like the most? (Kaka’s lady Caroline not in the list, too bad. I love her).

the Night Road

I haven’t write book review for a long time! I guess my reading habit subside when the breastfeeding stop? But lately I’ve started pick-up the hobby again (coz I realised I still have so many books to read from the big bad wolf shopping spree), and it proves fruitful. Coz the latest book I’ve read Night Hour by Kristin Hannah was really good!

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

It was about friendship, high-school love and motherhood. I guess the genre fits me well. High school was one of the life-changing moments for me (and for most people?). It is the time when you think your parents (and other adults) don’t understand you, always seems to disagree with you and never take you seriously even when you were damn serious already. They will make phrase like “you will understand it once you are older”, and inside your heart you are like “WHAT?”

Then there is this first love /high school love theme which of course relates to me in many ways. Even though I rarely blog about it now (my first love), the memories will always forever be in my mind. How teenagers can become a hopeless romantic, being very much in love with each other, the heartbreaking farewell, the promise ring, [yup, we had that, too🙂].

Although some people will see high school love as childish, to me it also contains originality and sincerity -you simply just fall in love. On the contrary, in adult world, people usually (not always) consider things like where to take her for a date, what car he drives, where he is working, etc. You are analyzing too much it becomes more complicated.

Last but not least, the motherhood theme – being consistently worry about your child’s well being. It is just natural; it is what mothers all around the world do. The main character in this book, Jude is what people refer to as helicopter mom, trying her best to serve her kids 24/7. If I’m not mistaken one of her dialog to her daughter was “I live to serve you, Mia”. By the way, I just love the way the author uses the nickname Madre (mom in Spanish), it signifies closeness between mother-children yet classy at the same time.

Anyway, if you are into the abovementioned themes, this book is a recommended one!

Have a great weekend peeps!

mummy’s boy manja busuk

It’s almost a month since my previous entry. It has been a very enjoyable May, alhamdulilah. We celebrated a few birthdays and managed to go to Tioman for 4 days with the family. It was a really rejuvenating holiday. I’ll talk more about it later when I’m in the mood to select some pictures to upload:).

Well now that it’s June, AE going to start his 2nd semester of preschool soon. Means he’s going to start taek-wondo, too as it is part of the syllabus. yeayy!

Alhamdulilah AE hasn’t been crying for the past 2 months already during the morning separation at school. Honestly, at first I didn’t expect that AE will cry for more than the usual first week during the morning separation. But then I kind of grasp the idea that every kid is unique, and it is just a bit difficult for him to handle separation anxiety. We are confident that he’s okay at school, coz ada sorang dua je yg cry pagi2 where everyone else happy2 walla. Plus AE also cries when we leave him at my mom’s or my sister’s. He’s simply manja busuk, angah yang manjakan:P.

Now that he’s no longer an infant, I no longer wrote his progress month-by-month. Still, in my opinion toddler is such a fun phase. It’s the phase where creativity emerged yet honesty and originality prevailed. You know, like Disneyland:). I think that’s why I’m very interested in early childhood education at the first place.

He’s so into football, running and swimming, I don’t really have enough energy to catch up anymore. Relying heavily on his dad for this physical activity part. He hates coloring (not a boy thing?), but loves playdough, stamping, glueing and painting. I’ve also realised he is into computer games. We don’t have it around (except for some games in my phone) but whenever his cousins playing one, he’s so attached to it sampai merajuk2 nak main. Hubby said it’s normal for a kid. I don’t really like computer games (except diner dash haha) so don’t really know about that.

I also just have to accept the fact that AE is such a mummy’s boy. Nak mummy, nak mummy, nak mummy. Well, most of the days he can play by himself. But some days dunno why mood manja, he won’t even let me take my bath or pray. I’m trying my best to let him be independent and hopefully this ‘clingyness’ (is there such a word?) will phase out as he grows bigger. Anybody has tips on this? Hubby said “nanti bila awak tua rindu pulak nak kat dia”. Of course la kan, but I still need to train him to be independent to built his self confidence.

He is such a loving, caring and sensitive boy. Once while he was watching tv, I intended to tease him by laying on his lap. He said “mummy!” ,but then kiss my forehead. Sweet:). Last week was another priceless moment when he told me he loves me. Usually when I tell him I Love You he always reply by saying “You”. But one day last week he called me softly, “Mummy”. “Yes?” “I love you”. Never mind he’s doing that while he was pooping, I think that was still so sweet:).

I pray everyday that our busuk manja will be a soleh, healthy, smart, kind-hearted boy. We.Love.You.So.Much.Ashman.Ehsan.

with his dragon during Suria KLCC Teddy’s Day out. Dragon won first prize for best teddy’s friend:)