chase those dementors away!

Harry Potter movies are a recurring theme in our living room now. AE has started to watch it, a bit here and there. He likes the scenes with werewolf, dragon, spider, trolls and dementor. Haha. I have no complains coz I have enough of cartoons, and magic is refreshing for a change!

Watching the movies over and over again, I just realised that the patronus charm, the ‘expecto patronum’ chant (pronounciation: eks-PEK-toh pə-TROH-nəm) actually exists in the real world.

A little background: the patronus is a protector to shield yourself from dementors. The dementors are soulless creatures, feeding on the positive emotions, happiness and good memories of human beings. The very presence of a dementor makes the surrounding atmosphere grow cold and dark. To conjure a patronus, you need to think a very happy powerful memory while chanting the spell and be very focus, only then your patronus will appear. A perfect patronus will be able to chase the dementors away, but a weak one will vaporized once the dementors approached nearer to you.

Okay back to the real world. Now that I’ve thought about it, patronus and dementors are actually metaphors. Dementors refer to sadness or depression. As such, whenever you are feeling down, try conjuring ‘patronus’ to shield yourself from being moody or pessimistic. Remember, the dementor can feed on your positive emotions until you’ll die.

It might be good if you keep track of your happy memories coz when dementor comes, you have your happy memory ready to overcome it. My ex-boss gave me this small book to jot down all my happy memories, and I find it is quite handy. It makes you count your blessings and be more optimistic with the surroundings.

In addition, your patronus will be very convenient in pain management. Whenever you need to undergo something fearful like perhaps injection, dentist appointment, epidural, etc, get your happy memory inside your heart and insyaAllah the procedure will not be too painful. But remember, the memory has to be powerful enough. Prof Lupin said Harry’s first selected memory (riding a broom) was not powerful enough that’s why the charm failed the first time. Another thing, you really need to focus. In other word, shift your focus from the nervousness to your chosen memory. I tried this trick a few times and it does work. Of course you don’t need to chant the spell out loud! Adult wizards use non-verbal spells okay:).

I remembered my friend Suria also gave me idea on how to shift pain. 13 years ago we were on one of the crazy ride on Sunway Lagoon (can’t remember which one) and it made me nauseous. Since it was on a weekday with no people queuing, those college kids ask the Sunway worker to repeat the ride. So the worker did, before I can go out! I wanted to vomit but Suria asked me to pinch myself, so that you shifted the pain in your mind to other parts of your body so called. It kinda of work. So if you don’t have time to think of any powerful memory, try pinching yourself next time hehe…But you can’t pinch yourself while waiting for epidural rite..hehe…

Okay practice your patronus! Have a happy weekend!


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