Preschool in Ampang (Updated Nov-14)

Hi readers. Since this post has got so many hits (especially year end), I’m adding some more latest information. But please take note that this is just based on words of mouth of other moms in Ampang area. (this post was originally written 4 years ago!). Feel free to add in comments so we parents can share their experiences.

disclaimer: post under the comments section are personal opinion of other blog readers and does not represent the views of this blog host.


At first I don’t feel like sharing about preschool here in the blog, coz perhaps it might affect others’ decisions and preschool operators might not be too happy about that. But when more than one people queried and after some thinking I thought I should just share some information from our research. It will at least help you gather the basic details and do review of your own.

Plus when you google about preschool in Ampang, there are not as many results / reviews come out, compared to let say Damansara or PJ areas. So I hope my list here can get you started. Well, sharing is caring:) These are some preschools that I’ve found from my google search / sightseeing around Ampang Jaya area. Please note that the information was gathered from the internet / personal observations / phone calls/ and might not be accurate.

1.Kidz Cabin
It is located at Jalan Page (off Jalan Pakat ), Ukay Heights. The teachers were previously from another preschool at Taman Tar (if I’m not mistaken Young Ambassador) and when the school moved, they decided to open their own. The school don’t really have exams or homework. In my opinion, geographically the location is a plus point in comparison with other schools. It is a single-storey bungalow, tuck away from the busy street. Hence the fresh air and kids can stay longer at the playground, which comes with swings, monkey bar, trampoline, sand box and small football field. Transport: available in Ampang Jaya area, provided by the teacher.

The place also offers extra classes like fardhu ain, taekwondo, art and music so you don’t need to send your kids to a few places if they need these electives. Teachers will give you weekly updates, FB updates and emails notifications on what are the things going on at school. They replied your WA promptly, too.

2. Buzzy Bee
This school is located at Hillside Estate, Ampang Jaya. It has been there for a long time and has established reputation. I think their alumni are already in the university or something. The school practices Montessori method and is famous amongst the expatriates. The teacher told me that they suggested kids to change to different kindie at 6-yrs old if they decided to go to the public school in standard 1, so that they are adjusted well. When we visited the place, I think 80% of the kids are expats. Fee is around RM900/month. Playground has swings and trampoline, but small compound as it is a terrace house. Classes are also a bit packed, but all are air-conditioned. Transport: available, provided by the teachers.

3. Real KIDS Ampang

My friend send her daughter there and love the place. Not a playgroup type though. Oh yeah the school has swimming pool!

4. ICDC Ampang (Taman Mamanda)

Now the center has grown to primary school. Good reviews from moms.

Other nearby preschools with no details:

i. Tadika Qasrina (bungalow opposite near Ampang Point).

ii. Kindicare (Ukay Heights).

iii. Seri Mawar.

iv. Cherie Hearts – bungalow opposite Ampang Point

v. Atfal Kids (Taman Mamanda) –new?

vi. Medina Zaara (Ampang Jaya) –they moved to a bigger house in Kg Melayu Ampang. Good review from parents, they have islamic english sylabus, starts at 3yo. Fees around rm500/mth if I’m not mistaken.

vii. Brainy Bunch Ampang Point.

Of course there are a few more at Ampang Hilir, such as Children’s House, TreeTop House (good review!) ,and latest I saw is Graceful Hands, but we decided not to even bother look there coz of possible traffic hassle at that area. Plus I think it’s good for the preschool to be in the neighborhood so that in case of anything, my relatives are nearby. Imagine last time I went to Tadika Fatima, Jalan Ampang! Walaweii traffic jam giler that area nowadays!

Good luck searching for school! Do go for visits!

Some notes:

~looks for passionate teachers

~More than one time visit is okay, you deserve to have that positive, comfortable & safe feeling for your children.

~Dont just rely on the branch/franchise names. Every branch operates slightly different from one another.

*Oh yeah there are also parents hopping to my blog looking for daycare. This is another BIG problem, we are short of quality daycare! Anyway, same goes – do visits on the one that you have shortlisted. MPAJ do list the one with license, you can check them below:

**Kindergarten is under MOE, whilst daycare is under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. But there are a lot of Kindergartens that operates under daycare /company licenses as they have children age below 4years old and above 6 years old.


58 responses

  1. Hi…I’m looking for a play school for my son too. I was recommended by a friend to go to kidz cabin as I want to see how my son is doing at school.but was informed by the principal that it is not parent-involved…sigh….

  2. Hi, I am looking for preschool / daycare around KLCC / Jln Ampang Area for my soon to be 2 yr old daughter, can I hv Tadika Fatima contact number? Or you come across any preschool around KLCC, Ampang area is a bit far for me as i work in KLCC.

    • Hi Margaret,

      Tadika Fatima is already closed. If you work in KLCC, you can check either i) TreeTop House at Jalan U-Thant, ii) Children’s House at Jalan Ampang Hilir; iii) KL Kids Club at Jalan U-thant; and iv) Children’s Discovery House at Jalan Damai. These are all quite near to KLCC that I can think of. Alternatively, Ampang Jaya can be accessed through elevated highway direct from KLCC parking basement to Jalan Kolam Air Lama (nearby the location of Kidz Cabin and British Montessori). Hope that helps!

    • There’s one newly opened childcare center at megan venue.. its called little play house.. you can google or contact 0123841974.. pn hidayah. .

  3. may i know where is the montessori school that your child is attending ? As i have a 3 year old and i’m struggling to find him a good school

  4. dear,
    may i know where is the Montessori school that your child is attending ? As i have a 1.5 year old daughter and I’m struggling to find her a good school.

    • Hi Finn,

      We visited Busy Bee. As mentioned, it has good track record (my friend send her kids there and they love it) & experienced teachers. Classrooms are air-cond, equipped with structured play and good learning environment. Almost all kids are expat (from the list of names I saw), hence it’s quite steep (RM800/mth). Space slightly small though (coz it is a terrace house – but maybe most kindies are like that nowadays?) You can call them for appointment, they welcome that:)

  5. Salam ijannina…

    Last2 u hantar anak u ke sekolah mana? Anak i nak masuk 3 tahun, nak kena masukkan yang dekat area ampang jaya juga. Boleh email i details? Thanks!

  6. Tadika fatima? High five ! I went there when i was young it’s a big school though… And every year… We get small milo tin hehehehe i was in zirafah house . How bout u? Ekekeke

  7. wow….all of those school is at ampang area….
    I’ve been googling all day to find good preschool near titiwangsa area for my 3 y.o son but i found nothing…fiuhhh…any help mothers…?

  8. Hi i’ve been reading all your suggestions here that may help me look for a kindergarten for my son, he’s 4 yrs old and i’ve visited a few schools here around ampang point. Can you guys can help me send some details/fees of all the schools here in Ampang, it would be a great help for me. Thanks.

    • Sorry Juliana, PJ is far from Ampang. I’ve heard good things about Tadika Diyana, but that one is is TTDI if I’m not mistaken. Maybe you can check Ibu Family Resourced FB page for opinion, they have a lot of PJ members, and many are friendly to share their thoughts. Thanks.

  9. Hi everyone. I will be relocating to kl this september and will most probably be staying in jalan wawasan ampang area. At the moment I’m scouting on the net for some info regarding preschool / kindy for my 2 kids age 2 and 4 next year. Currently still looking around for a place whereby it’s easy for me to drop both of them and then rush of to the nearest lrt station. Maybe some of you can give me a head start as I’m not familiar at all with the areas. I’m from kuching by the way. Thanks

  10. Hi Admin,
    Need your help to give suggestion day care for my daughter age 1 year 8 mth. My workplace at Solaris Dutamas and My Husband at G Tower and my house at Menara Polo Desa pandan. Much appreciate if you could assist to give some info hence i really not familiar with this area. Tq sis.

    • Hi Yaya,

      Have you decided who going to send and pick-up your daughter? I think that plays a role before you can zoom in on the available daycare since you and hubby work at different directions. Its not that far – but given the traffic in that area, you need to decide on location first. (whether in desa pandan or solaris). Thanks.

  11. Salam,

    I’m looking for a daycare for my 1.5 years old child as well. May I know where you ended up sending your child to?
    I’m thinking of sending her to the British Montessori day care. Seems to have a lot of good reviews. The only thing it’s quite pricy.
    What’s your view? Thanks

  12. hi ijannina,

    Was reading Janet’s comment (as below) on Seri Mawar and I’m very interested to know more. My boy is 20 months old and I plan to send him to playschool in Ampang next year. I stayed very near to Ampang Point. Was wondering whether you happen to know more about Seri Mawar and any comments about it? Thank you very much.

    November 4, 2012 at 6:22 am ∞
    Seri Mawar is good and established,my gal is studying there since 3 yrs old.

    • My doter @ Seri Mawar, Ampang Avenue since 3 yrs old. Very good school, and the fee quite reasonable. The charges around RM770 monthly for full-day care, RM620 for care until 2 pm, and RM450 for care until 11.45 am. The registration fee only RM450.

      • Aida,

        How old is your daughter now? You’re right, the fees does seem to be quite reasonable. May I asked in what way did you find that the school is very good? Care to elaborate more? Thank you.

      • Hi Aida, is the school still open? I am still searching for my 5 and 2 year olds and have not found a satisfactory one so far…
        Would be great if you can pass along the contact number of the school for me to contact them.


      • Halooo 🙂

        Searching for a good play school for my 2 years old – i have twin boys 🙂

        Would like to know the full day will be from what time to what time?

        Thanks mommies.

  13. Salam Ijannina 🙂

    do you know any of islamic infant care within ampang area? I’ve been searching for it. It would be nice if the nursery is a islamic english. Hope you can recommend me any of it. Thnk you 🙂

    • sorry Atiqah am not sure about islamic infant care. There is ICDC in Jalan Memanda Ampang but not sure whether they take infant. and sorry for the late reply – I’ve been not well past few months. thanks.

  14. Hi Dear,

    Anyone knows a good infant care in KLCC area? I work in Intermark Tower and Live nearby. Need to find infant care in KLCC area. Anyones a gppd Daycare/Nursery in the area?

    Btw my baby is 6 motnhs old.

  15. Agreed. My 5yo daughter is attending BBAmpang Point Branch , the islamic education is good for her age but academically , i think the teacher or the modul itself is a bit slow as my daughter still can’t read on her own . I’ve asked other parents about their kid’s progress, n a lot of them have the same problem , some of the 6 yr old children cannot read n year end is near to come. I’ve become panic when my friends’s children can read simple story book.
    In 2009 i sent my 1st daughter to Real Kids and she’s doing so well plus she can read IQRA 3. So definitely next year my 6 n 5 yrs old daughter won’t be going to this Montessori school. Sorry but this is only my oppinion n experience.

  16. Dear Admin,
    I am from Bangladesh. I want to admit my daughter in a english medium kindergarten in KL. she is about 3 and half years old. could you please guide me where I can admit my daughter? kindly any one help me by providing information considaring the reasonable Fees. I have checked some international schools but the fees are too high for me, which i can not effort. so, please help me about the place and school as I do not know KL even better. By the way, so far I learned by going through the comments, I found Seri Mawar may be perfact but is it english medium or not? if it is english medium then please provide me the address and contact number. If any one can help it would really help me a lot as a new comer and for building life of my daughter.
    with regards,
    Musfiques Salaheen

  17. Salam, Hi Ijanina and parents,

    You can find out more about Medina Zaara by going to their FB page:

    Located at, No 24, Jalan 4C, Ampang Jaya, 68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Medina Zaara’s Tarbiyyah Curriculum is based upon a holistic approach to develop ‘A Whole Child’; mind, body, and spirit. It aims to translate Islamic values into practice, which will enable the students to ‘live Islam’. Nowadays, the world is in need of more than just strong academic results. We need creative people who can think out of the box, people who can lead the ‘Ummah, people who know how to apply Islam in their daily lives, and people who fear Allah. As parents and educators, we need to equip our young ones with these skills for them to succeed in this ever changing world, and most importantly, to succeed in the hereafter. Medina Zaara programs can do just that! Educate and raise young people imbued with the qualities of a Muslim personality: devotion to Almighty Allah, commitment to their Islamic principles, care and service to others, and an understanding of their role in contemporary society.

  18. Hi Admin,

    We’ve just moved back to Ampang after a stint in Dubai. My first born was at British Montessori in Taman Tun Abdul Razak near my parents house but it looks like they’ve closed down?

    Does anyone know? Can anyone suggest anywhere near to KDE that’s full day, English medium and has a good mix of local and expat kids??

    Both Bubby and I work full time. Really stumped as my parents can’t manage.

    Aaliyah Smith

  19. Im a mother of 3 children and my youngest went to baby spa british montessori in ampang jaya. I would say it is ok but not that great ..they accept babies from 2 months to 2 yrs. I already move my baby to cherie hearts …reason being the nursery aften couple the public holiday with staff leave ..meaning if the public holiday falls in wednesday, the nursery will close on thursday and friday, which is a troublesome for working parents…lucky that im working from home but it is not 1 time incidence…it keep on happening whenever public holiday fall in weekdays. Other than that i am ok with how they handle my baby.

    • Hi Kiranna,

      At the baby spa the difference between British Montessori home based care and institutional baby daycare centers is, we can accept your sick baby, they cannot. The reason is because we are a home based centre with less than 10 babies at any one time.

      The choice therefore is either scheduled planned leave, as per our schedule which is given out at the beginning of the year or when new parents join, or unscheduled emergency leave each time your baby gets a little sniffle or a temperature.

      For more info on our parent support system and the quality of the care we offer, please see ….

      Thank you.

    • Hi kirana…
      I feel u. Its like parents is so powerless whenever a nursery announce their closure anytime their “hearts desire”.
      Will starts working soon and pls share your experience with cherie hearts. Plan to send my 3 months old there… pls email me at

      Thx 🙂

  20. ade suggestion tak untuk 3 thn not too expensive monthly fees area ampang?? kadang2 google tp tak dpt harga… mcm rm500/month ke…? thanks in advance!

  21. Hi ijannina

    Thank you for such an infomative blog. This topic has helped me alot. Ive done my hunting with MOST of the nursery around Taman Tar and Ampang Jaya!

    so…Ive enroll my kids at Cherie Hearts and I can say that I am at peace leaving them at the nursery for work. Now they have this online / website that you can view your child progress – paying extra rm20 per month for this service.

    Its a bit pricy compare to Sri Mawar but worth it 🙂 … To give some idea of the price comparison ..i would say .. the monthly fee is almost the same with British Montessori spa but MINUS the yearly fee. .Of course cheaper than Buzzy Bee (Buzzy Bee only half day!)

    I hope my feedback has helped other mothers too as this blog has helped me 🙂

    • hi 5. mt son also was at cherie hearts when he was 4mths til 18mths.agreed with the peace of mind at work…now I have my new baby and plan to enrol again at the same place despite the change of name n management.

      • hi iza
        how do u find the pre school so far? is ur.child.still there?
        yes..they have change new mgt to Happydays rite.

  22. Hi, I am looking for preschool / daycare around UKAY PERDANA / Tmn Melawati/Keramat Area for my soon to be 4 yr old son, can i have the contact number? Your help is really much appreciated. TQ

  23. salam, tgh mncari daycare tuk anak lelaki sy 1thn 3bln area ampng/wangsa maju/desa pandan/pandan indah. around rm800 kebawah. still mencari di internet tp mostly xde letak fee. n mostly until 3pm. ssh jgk klu keje smpi kul 6. tq in advnd for d info.

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