winter melody in Wisconsin

April is usually a month to be hard-working, since there is no long-stretched holidays (except for this year due to the Agung coronation). There will be some birthdays though, looking forward for yummy cakes!

Back in Wisconsin, I really look forward for April coz it means Spring has arrived. After a long dreaded cold winter, it times to hang the heavy coats and put away the boots. Before I arrived in U.S, I though each season will last for 3 months, means winter should be over at least in February. Well, that’s a myth. At least in Wisconsin.

Winter in Wisconsin will last 4-5 months, which by April you feel like it will never end. April have always been a topsy-turvy month, you can wear summer cloth one day and bundled up the next. I remembered one last week of April I was quiet excited with a warmer weather and suddenly snow fell the next day 45 inches deep.

You’ll expect heavy snow outside when you hear the sound of snow truck, clearing the road in the morning. Oh I missed that sound now. Kind of taking it for guaranteed before. Don’t know what time the driver wake up to clear up the road for us. Oh yeah there were no school closure. If classes were to cancel every time heavy snow fall, we will get a lot of holidays:). Well, unless it is very serious snowstorm, which I haven’t experienced.

see how the weather changed drastically in 10 days, at Bascom Hill

I’ll usually wear 3-4 layers of cloth (thermal,normal,sweater, winter jacket) to go to class depends on the weather. We opened the weather channel every morning to decide what to wear. Haha when I first arrived, I found it was weird for weather to have its own channel. Like, who wants to watch right? Turned out it became our favorite channel:).

Oh yeah, at first I wondered why they used Fahrenheit instead of Celcius. The cold weather explains a lot. Average winter weather for Madison, Wisconsin will be in the range of 10-25 Fahrenheit. This means below 0 celcius (-12 Celcius to -4 Celcius), it is just easier to quote in positive numbers I guess.

The hard thing is that most schools are located on the top of the hills, scenic huh? Thus with the strong wind against your face and dragging your boots in the snow, such a physical challenge! Our university is facing lake (another scenic factor), thus wind will usually be strong. The winter chill will get not only your face but ears, nose, everything! Even though with scarves wrapped like ninja around your face.

Anyway, after 5 years of winter, I kind of had enough of it. On my last winter in Dec-03 right before our graduation date, my workmate said to me in the preschool’s playground, “you are going to miss the snow”. I confidently said no. I guess I was really cold at that time, plus homesick.

I have to eat my own words now. I do miss the snow. Who wouldn’t miss such a gorgeous scenery like this?

such a tranquility

UW Preschool playground ~ my workplace for 3 wonderful years

Although the snow is thick, we will make an effort to bundle up the kids and get them to play outside at least for 15 minutes to get them releases the energy:).

I realised despite the cold weather and slippery roads (we have fallen more than one time on the sidewalk), I still won’t trade Madison, Wisconsin with any other place in the world. Although I haven’t travel much around the world hence can’t make much comparison, I still think it it one of the best places in the world.

The combination of the lovely people, beautiful scenes, interesting weather and rich culture have make it such a homey place to me. I wish I could bring hubby & son there one day, hopefully. On Wisconsin.


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