Ice Age!

Hi peeps,

Wow I’ve been away longer than I thought. It is now April, meaning the end of 1st quarter of the year. How time flies! Anyway being a banker, my world and timeline have always been divided into 4 quarters, and I’m usually busy at the end of every quarter:). Well, hope you had a meaningful 1Q12, and if it didn’t really turn out too good… let’s flourish this 2Q12 more yeah!

Anyway, here is just a short entry on another fun way to spend time with your toddler. It is super-easy. Just freeze the small figurine animals (I used dinosaurs) in the fridge and voila! It is ready the next day for a fun ice-break session.

Ice Age!!!

one dinosaur at a time

Of course the activity must be supervised by adult as kids can get too excited and hammer too hard. AE loves it. He also indirectly learned that the ice melt afterwards, turning into water.

Nevertheless of all the fun activities, I realised that the most joyful moment for me is still when the 3 of us simply dancing to Shrek theme song in the middle of the living room, or cuddling on the bed when we wake up in the morning. Of course that can only be done on weekends as we are too rush on weekdays to cuddle. Too bad. Well, yeay for a public holiday tomorrow! Hope you have a great day off as it’s not common to have a public holiday in April:)


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