playtime with toddlers

Hello sunshine!

I found this recipes online and thought of sharing it with you guys. It is a great easy idea at home activity and is seriously fun!

-1 cup of cornstarch
– 1/2 cup of water
*Combine both in a shallow bowl or rimmed baking sheet. It will turn into a substance like quicksand, very interesting.

non-newtonian fluid:)

-small bowl
-baking soda
-white vinegar
-food coloring (optional)
*Set a small bowl on a tray. Place a tablespoon of baking soda into the bowl, add a tablespoon of white vinegar, then sit back and observe the mixture bubble and fizz. You can also tint the vinegar with a few drops of food coloring for a more dramatic eruption.

adding baking soda

Personally, AE prefers the first recipe. I think because he can’t really relate much with volcano just yet. Well, of course these are a bit messy experiments, so we did it outside by the porch.

At toddlers’ age, AE is getting more attached to the tv hence we need to diversify more playtime with him. Well honestly, tv is a very easy out for us. Being maid-less, tv gives us time to do house chores. In fact sometimes we have been too-dependent on tv coz when AE’s on tv, we also get own free time to browse internet, read novels, etc. I always feel guilty about that afterwards coz he only have about 4hours/day on weekday with us.

Plus you know how kids being kids, they have tons of toys at home but they may not be interested in any of it. Unless another kid comes over to play, oh yes..that is the time when all toys come out:). So usually you’ll need new activities to encourage play.

So experiments like above encourage him to switch of the tv and do something more active for the brain. Plus both of us will participate which is great. Yup, although we pretend we watch tv with our kids, the reality is we are usually browsing our phone at the same time. Some people might think that “he can do that at his school, that’s what we pay the school for”. But this is not the same, coz you will be doing it TOGETHER.

I still remember during a career awareness week back in my university, a very successful actuary in U.S came over to give a talk (I forgot his name). During Q&A session, a student ask ‘If he can go back in time, what he would like to change?’. His answer is “I wish I could watch more of my son’s soccer practices”. Well, at that time I was a naive 22 years old; I hardly understood what he meant. I think even the student who asked the question also didn’t expect the answer (we are thinking the answer is more on the line of…I regret I didn’t take my actuarial exams/MBA faster haha). But luckily I still remember his answer so it has been a reminder for myself now.

Talking about toys, when AE was still a baby I visited a relative’s house and saw tons of toys inside a laundry basket. All the small toys mixed up together. The kids took it all out, make a big mess in the living room but I realized that they don’t really play with the toys individually. They just having fun dumping it. Thus at that moment I decided that AE’s toys won’t be like that.

Hence now I use the method similar with the preschool I used to work, put toys in cubbies (which is visible – rather than all lump together), and rotate the toys every now and then so that they won’t get bored of it. It is not messy, AE knows where to put his toys accordingly and even the other kids who come over our house love the area.

toy cubbies; at the corner is his craft area

Buying toy is a bit tricky, you don’t know whether your kid will like it or not. In relation thereto, to avoid clutter, we give away toys that AE shows no interest at. My friend do toys collection for pediatric hospitals, so that work well. From consensus of kids coming to our house, we realize popular toys include play dough and blocks. Oh yeah of coz sand play and painting. (budak bandar jarang dapat main sand hehe).

rolling playdough

stamping is fun, too. This is washable ink from Melissa & Doug.

making ice cream with sand

Some people opine that such educational-toys are a bit expensive. Well, different people have different opinion. For us, the benefit is more in the long-run. My analytical-logical reasoning is easy; how can you say it is expensive when the price is merely 5% of your hand phone price? :). Plus, the price is almost equal to all those pasar malam toys added together. [Anyway, I’m just going to recycle the toys for my future preschool insyaAllah].

Please share if you have any more play ideas! See ya later alligator!

*Al-Fatihah to adik Nadirah…it was saddened to think someone could burn a child.


Missing Nurul Nadirah…

As most of you aware of, there was this video uploaded in youtube on a Taska in Masai, Johor where they wrapped toddlers really tight and plastered kids’ mouth during nap time. Timing memang just write after my last post..and I thought things couldn’t get worse😦.

A day later, the owner came forward saying she was framed by her ex-employees. Masuk dlm harian metro je. If for me, rasa patut masuk dlm all national newspapers. huhu…

Anyway, I still wonder where was the boss during the event? It wasn’t a 5 minutes job to wrap kids, and certainly the kids nap at least for an hour…wasn’t the owner responsible to make sure things were under her control at all time? Plus my friend pointed out that the incident didn’t look like a one-time thing. Gaya budak2 tu tidur tenang je, macam dah biasa kena macam tu and I agreed with her. Cuba korang wrap or plaster your kids during nap, tgk boley ke tidur diam macam tu…

Okay I bukan benci the owner ke ape, tapi sepatutnya kalau staff kita buat salah, kita pun bertanggungjawab kan? that’s why when something bad happened to a company/country, CEO/PM dia yg resign kan.

Now..the issue has subsided. Dunno sape saman sape, and I’m sure the taska is still operating. Oh well…

By the way, would like to share with you guys the latest Nur Alert. I’m sure most of you have seen it. But just in case. (I really think they should call it Nurin alert though, in memory of the late Nurin, seeing how the alert exists at the first place…)

Nurul Nadirah missing

Nurul Nadirah, 6-yrs old. Missing at her flat compound at Pasir Gudang last thursday went she went down to buy grocery at nearby shop. The shopkeeper said she came, bought the stuff and left. The police found the grocery items and her slippers nearby. It has been 8 days, but the police commented yesterday that they believe she is still alive. So there’s hope there.

Anyway, I’ve read in some blogs people commented on her mother’s carelessness by letting her go to the shop herself and not realising that she wasn’t back. Nevertheless, in my opinion, with Allah’s permission, such event could happen to anyone, even to someone as careful as Bree (from Desperate Housewives).

Ask yourself, have your kid fall in front of you? even without you blinking your eyes, accident can happen. So maybe we shouldn’t focus our energy on condemning but let’s us all pray for her safe return.

Btw, I first read about the news 3 days after she went missing in thestar. Got maxis nur alert 7 days after she was missing. I think we should get the alert in 24 hours time instead. Well, better than last time maybe..but hope there will be more improvement in the future.

Thanks to those who works really hard to get the Nur Alert becomes reality though…we don’t have any kind of alert before. If you guys remember, this was during Nurin’s time where a few bloggers talked about how we can implemented something like Amber Alert, which is practiced in U.S. (in the memory of Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old child who was abducted and murdered in Arlington, Texas in 1996). I first read about it here Princess Journal. She also wrote tips on child safety, take a look yeah.

Happy Weekend everyone!
AE’s having 1 week school holiday yeay!

p/s-Oh yeah…can somebody sugggest Nur Alert should also be displayed at ITIS board -which might be helpful coz you sometimes see kids next to your car in traffic jam. That ITIS board is useless already as it is now.