Another on Childcare Centre

Remember my earlier entry about childcare here.

Saw this on the newspaper yesterday.

thestar - 21 february 12

It’s sad to read that the teachers yelling to the toddlers when asked for water:(.

Tips for parents in surveying daycare:
1. When you first survey the place, don’t come by appointment. Just say you may drop by that day, but don’t mention any specific time. Check everything including the toilet.
2. When you starts sending kids, come do a spot check once in a while. Try to drop the kids at different time, for instance at 10am, 3pm. You need to sacrifice a bit of your annual leaves to do this.
3. Look around. If you see kids are waiting at the door macam terkurung kat penjara maybe something is not right.
4. Survey more than one place before make your decision.

I know not all parents manage to find a good one, so they resort to maid — then the maid run away after 6 months. I think 1 out of 10 couples experience this. Kesian.

In my opinion, Early Childhood Practitioners are underpaid in Malaysia. They should get a pay at least as equal to primary teachers so that those who are truely passion about kids (like me!) will work there. According to this one childcare expert from Australia (can’t remember her name), she even believes these Early Childhood Practitioners be paid higher than normal teachers.

Of course, regulators need to play a big role here. The article said she already lodged 2 complaints to JKM and looks like nothing has been done. Sad sad sad 😦


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