Chick flicks moments

Last weekend was super-hot! [taktau lah macamana panas di hari akhirat nanti]. We just lazying around inside the house. nak keluar pun malas. So while encik hubby and AE napping, I decided to watch Notting Hill. Just chose it randomly from our HD movie list. Chick flicks are always a safe choice coz I can pause whenever the boys needed me and at the same time it will entertain you, plus not much thinking needed.

I remembered I watched the movie once (in the video-tape format), but I thought it was a bit boring at that time and maybe I didn’t watch till the end. Nevertheless yesterday was different. I enjoyed throughout the whole movie. Oh wow, I guess age can do that to you, huh;).

Maybe I was so much younger back then and didn’t really get the movie. It’s  about super-hot movie actress dating normal person, plus the British accent maybe made it harder to relate. Wah macam lah aku nie sekarang hot actress suddenly dah boley relate cerita tu hehe…

Anyway, I think Julia Roberts was superb in that. She nailed it. I really like her. She has this ‘tough girl’s attitude with an adorable laugh, yet her eyes show such softness, filled with emotion which can make you melt. Not all actresses have that. Well, since now we are at the topic of chick flicks; let’s just list the top 10 modern chick flicks that I personally love.

1. Legally Blonde. This has to be on the top of my list. It is so original, the ideas that pink and intelligence can blend together is enough for girls to watch. Plus I just love Reese.

2. Notting Hill. I just can’t stop smiling throughout the movie. I think the American meets British element is surreal but nice;).

3. Mean Girls. So true about how girls are mean to each other. Relevant not only in school, but throughout our lifetime. Sucky.

4. A walk to remember. A heroin that passes away with cancer at the end is a typical chick flick. Still, somehow the movie is a bit different. Maybe the oldies factor and the lovely Mandy Moore. The novel is even better.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding. Another of Julia’s. I actually can’t relate with this movie, maybe coz I don’t have a male best friend that as close as that, but still I love this movie. Now to think about it, the theme is a bit like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? I really love that dinner moment, with that famous Aretha Franklin’s song.

6. Coyote Ugly. Okay not sure whether this is chick flicks, but it definitely fell into the hope/romantic/dream category. This movie makes you wanna dance:).

7. Devils Wear Prada. En. Hubby tak suka cerita nie coz she dumped her boyfriend. But I like the career-reality in this movie, about the fussy boss and the challenges that woman need to face in her first job.

8. Just Married. Ashton and Brittany Murphy. Love their chemistry.

9.10 things I hate about you. Sweet simple high school love. I love Julia Stiles; she has that intelligent vibes in her voice, a bit like Julia Roberts. Hey, they have the same name I just realised:).

10. Okay, I just can’t decide which of the following to be at no. 10 coz I like all of them equally hahaha…It’s between Miss Congeniality, A Cinderella’s Story (Chad Murray!), Pretty Woman (all time favorite but somehow I didn’t see it as pure chick flicks), Save the Last Dance (another one from Stiles) and Ever After (another Cinderella-like movie).

Let me know your favorite chick flicks so I can go dig it up in our HD drive (or at dvd stores) to watch on another fine Sunday afternoon.

P.S : I googled what actually chick flicks mean and mainly it says any film that indulges in the hopes and dreams of women and/or girls, usually has a happy, fuzzy, ridiculously unrealistic ending. It is heavy with emotion or contains themes that are relationship-based (although not necessarily romantic). Common elements include loneliness, obsessive materialism and happy endings.

4 responses

  1. ok maybe not a chick flick, but LOVE ACTUALLY top my all time list of .. erm… romantic movies. Not that I watch many of these and I actually despise chick flick but this Love Actually doesn’t irritate like the rest! The british-ness is a plus as well 🙂 Oh Alan Rickman!

  2. Karen- yeah, a lot of people suggest Love, Actually so I’m going to look for it next:).
    Huserk- dulu pernah tgk America Sweetheart macam so-so je, tapi taktau la kalau jiwa berubah setelah dewasa nie hehe…

  3. my fav 1) Love Actually, sbb kite watch dgn budak yg kite minat…hehe 2) Save the Last Dance, bole relate sbb masa sekolah rendah suka sgt class ballet, love the last act… 3) Love Happens, jennifer aniston jadi florist… notting hill: suke sgt part lagu “aint no sunshine when she’s gone”…

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