sometimes a pair of scissors is what you need…

Happy New Year 2012:)

I know it’s already 11th January, but I kind of just settled all my office workload yesterday (supposedly due in Dec), yup procrastination again at its best. Well, all in all, 2011 was a wonderful and blessed year for us, alhamdulilah and hopefully 2012 will bring us more joy & blessings. I checked my 2011 resolutions and only one can be cross out which is to finish my thesis. Well, at least I achieved one (ayat penyedap hati).

Okay let me organize my 2012 planner/resolutions first (buat resolutions pun procrastinate? haha). Well, I wanted to write about our NY holidays, too but need to organize the pictures first. But since yesterday a friend asked me about toddler’s scissors, I just want to share this pictures of AE having fun with scissors.

I started introduced scissors to him about 6 months ago cause I saw the old picture of this boy Nicholas, a 2-yr old boy I take care at the Preschool using it (Nicholas is 10-yr old now, gosh!). But AE didn’t seem to like it, he used it with only my help and didn’t show much interest in it. So I kept it away and convince myself that a child’s motor skill development stages may be varies.

Only about last month I took it out again and voila, AE has been using it non-stop everyday. Sometimes he even choose to do that instead of watching dvds, which is great. Then I remember that Nicholas is a May-born baby, while AE is December-born. So there is a 7 months difference there which makes perfect sense.

Well, I don’t really have time to think much about craft ideas, so what we do is just cut the colour papers to small pieces and glue it on another paper or paper plates. I have to Google for more creative ideas, any suggestions?

I change the activity table at the hall so that we can monitor him easily

getting so into it, kaki pun dah naik atas:)

this is when he gets ultimately happy hehe