of werewolf and chameleon

AE is going to be 3 years old in 2 weeks. I feel he has grown up so much compared to the last few months. He is a big boy now who understands the art of bargain. AE understands timeline now and will say things like “sekejap lagik” and “lepas nie”, I feel it’s a matter of time to hear he says “5 more minutes” [famous phrase between me & hubby] 🙂.

I also begin to teach him about time. Pointed to the clock and said “nak pukul 11 dah..tidur” thus his first recognition on the wall clock. Yesterday he pointed to the clock at my niece’s house and said “yg tu lain dengan rumah kita”. Hehe…

Remember my entry earlier about bringing AE to the office? Now I no longer bring him to the office in weekend in the hope that he forgets about it. Of course he doesn’t. He will say mummy’s office boley main ball, daddy’s office boley main satu Malaysia (flag). *sigh*. Trying to explain to him the weekend vs weekday idea, but of course he can’t fully grasp the concept yet at his age. Well, I just hate to lie to kids…

I remember reading about how Diyana’s son from Diyanazman pleaded for her not to go to work. Well, it has now started with AE; and it really breaks my heart to do it. I just have to go AE dearie. I hope one day you’ll understand.

On another note, AE now adds more animals in his vocabulary belt; namely insects, chameleon, iguana, salamander and werewolf! Oh yeah…werewolf! Where he watches 50 times a day from HP: The Prisoner of Azkaban. I think he is very fascinated of the idea that a man can change to a wolf. Huh…

He knows I don’t like the reptiles, so he will pretend to take the chameleon in the picture and said “nah mummy nak makan makan” – – try to feed to me. OMG, where do you learn such thing? Boys will be boys…

He has this book on insects with all kind of pictures. Emm.. I know grasshopper and ladybug, but some insects can be use interchangeably like beetle and bug. So kekadang harinie I cakap beetle, esok I cakap bug hehe…AE will quickly correct me. Hehe…sukati aku je kelentong. Yesterday he found ladybug for the first time at our garden and ran to the back of the house to show daddy:).

He has a very good memory. Some of the things he said really touched my heart. Like the first day the daddy sent him to Preschool. Daddy said “Ashman, daddy nak pergi alih kereta kejap”, coz our car block the way. But then the teacher came out and told my hubby that he can leave as AE looked fine, so he left without saying goodbye. So later that day when I picked him up, AE first question was “daddy pergi mana tadi masa dekat school?”

Then there was this concert day where he reluctant to go backstage for face painting. I told him I will sit right at the bench nearest to the backstage. The teacher took him away and he cried for a good half an hour. Of course I then moved to sit with the audience. I went to pick him up after the show and he said “mommy duduk kat situ kan”, while pointing at the bench. It made me felt guilty and wondered whether he has been eyeing the bench all that time and didn’t see me…

Well, I’ll write some other time about his first concert and his Preschool. Some parents have been asking about his school, but we just started sending him last October hence it’s still too early to make any recommendation. However except for the morning separation-crying part, alhamdulilah things have been pretty good. Well, we still can’t imagine how to cope when the school opens this January though…Talk about holiday hangover for a 3-year old…*sigh*


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