highlight of the day

Have not been blogging for far too long!!!

I wanted to about 2 weeks ago but keep on postponing sampai cerita pun dah lapuk haha…apparently quiet busy lately at both home and office. Well takde lah busy macam orang lain, just busier than before.

Now that we have officially start to send AE to preschool (effective October), I did not have chance to meet him in the morning. Coz my office hour starts at 8am, the dad will send him everyday instead. So to counter the lost credit hours, I will leave office sharp everyday so I can pick him early. That means all my office works have to be completed about one hour earlier than normal. Well it taught me to be more efficient at work though so no complaint.

Plus remember earlier I blog about AE sometimes have tantrum. I realised now that I pick him up earlier things have been smoother. There were no more tantrum alhamdulilah. (okay really need to be careful with the choice of words or else it’s going to be jinxed again haha). But maybe the tantrum has now past since he is bigger; approaching 3rd birthday soon. 3-year old! So fast!!!

He says new sentences every day, new discovery every day, and surprises me every day sometimes I’m not able to catch up and write it down anymore. I hate that coz previously I always write every new things he accomplished so that when I’m old (insyaAllah kalau panjang umur) I will read the wonderful memories of watching a child grow.

Anyway now that AE is going to be 35 months, he’s so into dinosaurs and dragon. I think it all started with the “How to Train Your Dragon” movie. I realised AE don’t really like to watch Cartoon Network etc. His movie trail started with Finding Nemo (we watched that for months!), then Madagascar 1, Madagascar 2, Shrek 1, Shrek 2, Shrek 3, Shrek 4, How to Train Your Dragon, Ratatouille, Ice Age 3, and now Monster Inc. Quiet a Pixar boy huh:). Sometimes, he still watches the baby Einstein collection and nursery rhymes in youtube and he will say “Nie Ashman suka masa small” :).

AE will also now say cute things like “Kan mummy kata”, mimicking me or “kacaulah Ashman”, telling me to tickle him.

Other than tv & Iphone, AE now into puzzles, trains and pillow fights. We will pretend we are dinosaurs (or dragon) attacking the big dinosaur (daddy) hahaha… He loves to dance to all kind of music, although he is still a shy boy if surrounded by many people.

Food wise, AE now love soup, noodles, fish, sate, cekodok and chocolate cake. I am not a kuih-lover, but for him, I did my best to fry cekodok for the first time ever in my life:). Unconditional love huh. Maybe next time I’ll try to bake a chocolate cake;).

Ashman Ehsan,
I look forward to hug and kiss you everyday.
To play and laugh with you.
To cuddle with you till sleep.
You are simply the highlight of my day, everyday.

my highlight


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  1. Ashman pandaii!! :)) dh besarr kejappp je. Dh nk 3thn dh. Ape present nk bg thn ni ek? Huhu ashman tak naik pon basikal aritu 😛 rasa mcm tawu la nk beli ape thn ni huhuhu

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