My writing is jinxed.

Around last year Suria asked in this blog whether AE play with the vase+stick at my house (based on the picture posted in this blog) and I said no. The next day, he played with it and the vase broke!

Then I wrote about the wing wizard, Ryan Giggs…how he was consistently good. Not only on the field, but maintaining a clean image, unlike other football players. Not soon after that, stories leaked out about his scandal. OMG!!! He has been playing for more than 20 years kenapa baru sekarang cerita nak keluar huhu….

The optimal happened in my last entry when I said I have 1 month to finalise my project paper. Turned out the next day I got a call from INCEIF asking for my final paper and give me 1 day to submit it!!! Seriously 1 month tukar jadik 1 day!!! (It’s not INCEIF’s fault though, just miscommunication between me and my advisor). Saya terus kelam kabut kalah lipas kudung hanya Allah saja yang tahu sebab time tu memang kerja ofis banyak giler…

I know these are all coincidences but I feel like I should be more careful in my writing and don’t really try to say things about the future too much :). Well, anyway the due date was last Wednesday so I dah submit and now hoping for the best.

It’s Friday and I feel like going shopping and eating chocolate fudge…any takers?

Have a great weekend!


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