Hello Hello Happy Hari Raya!!!

I knew it is 3 more days before Syawal end, almost too late to wish but better late than never right? I wanted to update a few times but somehow the wordpress was very slow at my office. [Okay I know it means I shouldn’t blog during office hour, so no complaint there]

Syawal was great, alhamdulilah the whole family gathered and AE get ample time to play with his cousins. I got to eat almost everything; amongst my favorite were nasi dagang, lontong, & ayam masak merah. Halfway through Syawal only I realised that I should be careful now with my food intake as I already stop breastfeeding *sigh*. [Oh I’m gonna miss the wonder of burning calories without need to sweat].

Anyhow, I was quite busy last 30 days. Other than busy eating delicious raya delicacies, I’m busy with work and my final INCEIF paper. After zillions times told by hubby, finally I managed to pull all courage that I had to start the paper and manage to do it in 1 month. It is a compulsory project paper if you want to graduate. But since it has been 6 months after my last exam, my brain has gone rusty thus my advisor return the paper saying “please improvise bla bla…grammatical and linguistic error bla bla”

OMG!!! That means now I have exactly one month to revise the paper before the dateline. To top that, we are approaching the end of quarter year; which means my workload at the office will increase significantly, as it does every quarter.

I also need to tackle AE’s new attitude of not wanting to go to his daycare almost every morning. I’m not exactly sure why. Some of the reasons I can think of are…
1. The long raya holiday
2. Too clingy post-breastfeeding effect
3. He is already a big boy now so the daycare is no longer that fun – does this mean he is ready for a proper playschool?
4. Both of us came back home late almost everyday since the long raya holiday, around 8pm

There you go…now my mind is juggling between my 4Quarter Strategy Report, INCEIF paper, AE’s playschool, and diet regime. Wow women are a multi tasker indeed!!!. But somehow I’m still calm and seizing the day like it is friday…Oh girl stop procrastinate!!!

Happy Hari Raya. Maaf zahir batin from the bottom of my heart.

the whole family members, without Along (the cameraman) and Angah's family yang jauh di Pasir Puteh hehe...

ucapan selamat hari raya..dari kami untuk semua:)


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