diarrhea oh diarrhea

Last weekend, we went back to kampung for 3 days to break-fast with my in law. Alhamdulilah the journey was smooth, AE had fun chasing roosters and we enjoyed ourselves shopping macam ‘orang kaya’ at param coz everything was much cheaper than KL.

We arrived back at KL on sunday. However later that night, AE told me he had stomachache. But since he has no fever, we still sent him to the daycare the next day. I thought maybe he was tired from the journey.

But later that day, his teacher told me AE had diarrhea 4 times already and he started having fever. We brought him to his pediatrician straight away, Dr Ong at Ampang Point.  The doctor gave us paracetamol and advised us not to worry too much on the diarrhea but to tackle the fever first, and just ensure he was not dehydrated.

The next day I decided to stay home and monitor him. He passed tools about 10x, but at the same time still quite energetic, talking and eating. But that night I realised there was blood in his stool! Damn!!! I’ve been going through Miriam Stoppard’s book and it clearly said that blood in stool was one of the sign parents should worry about.

So the next day morning we brought him back to his paed. Tapi rupanya haritu Nuzul Quran pulak, tutup clinicnya…terpaksa pergi Ampang Puteri and jumpa Dr. Wong Yoke Peng (she took over the late Dr. Haliza’s office). Quite nice lady. She checked AE’s stool and said it looked like bacteria infection (not viral) coz the stool was very black and sticky (not watery).

So she subscribed antiobiotic and suggested whether we wanted to get warded supaya senang masuk ubat. I was quite tempted of that idea and we agreed. But while waiting for the nurse to arrange the ward, tetiba my mind flashback early of the year memories Branula for CNY. Masa tu agak kesian lah tgk AE dengan branula, dahlah nurse cucuk 2 kali baru dapat. But at least time tu mmg dia lesu. But this time he was not dehydrated yet, so I suspect sure lagik mengamuk kalau kena cucuk.

So somehow we changed our mind and decided to monitor him at home instead. Melayang lah cuti annual leave ku (kalau warded dpt compassionate leave), tapi takpe lah demi kasih kan AE ku rela. The doctor said to monitor him until friday and hopefully he recover by then.

So for 3 days I stayed home with him (hubby took another day), we mainly watched Shrek (dah boley hafal dialog okay!) and played puzzles. Tapi jaga budak besar nie pun mencabar jugak. Dulu2 time die sakit tak boley cakap lagik, kita sedih sebab dia akan nangis je. Tapi skang nie dah boley cakap, macam macam jugak ragamnya.

“mummy jangan lah tutup lampu” [sedangkan time tu siang terang benderang]
“mummy janganlah makan” [azan dah berkumandang, mummy lapar weh…]
“taknak tukar pampers”
“taknak makan ubat”
“mummy taknak ikat rambut” [persal..tak cantik ke?]

Dan macam2 lagiklah sampai at the end of the day I felt emotionally exhausted. Sabarkan jer lah diri supaya tidak melenting kerana tahu dia tak sihat. Sampai kekadang I felt bad asik nak gaduh mulut dengan dia.

Another thing that made me feel bad was that the doctor suspected the diarrhea caused by param food, but truthfully I knew he didn’t eat any of that (except maybe masa kat kampung ada yg die terminum), so adakah sebenarnya masakan ku yg buat dia sakit? Plus time tu jugak lah I got my period, adoi campur ngan perut crammed skalik.

Apapun alhamdulilah AE recovering well and now dah ada appetite makan. Ae sayang, mummy loves you so much. Tak kisah lah nak kena basuh your poo poo berapa kali pun, as long as you are healthy and happy.

Btw, we managed to complete our ice-cream booth during the 4 days MC:

what flavor do you want?


Ramadhan: of joy and tears

Happy Ramadhan readers.

Last night was the first time we brought AE to have tarawih at the mosque. Hubby said he was well-behaved throughout and excited to go back again tonight, alhamdulilah. I’ve longed for such moments coz it has been a very long time I prayed tarawih at the mosque (if I’m not mistaken the last time was before I got pregnant), thus I almost cried last night. Tear of joy:).

ready to go!

I really love Ramadhan. It is a month of peace and tranquility. Unlike other months, ibadah can be performed with no disturbance and no procrastination. Somehow you have ample time to perform ibadah, and extra energy in doing work. You have extra patience too, seriously No Evil!

Ramadhan also reminded me of my dear best friend Mariam who passed away in Ramadhan 2008. Of course I remembered her every single day, but when Ramadhan comes, the memories of her lying helplessly on the hospital bed with wires here and there flashing back in my head. She looked so pale and so tired. The image that she kept hiding from us all for 1 whole year.

I was 6-months pregnant at that time. I hope she can live to see my son, but at that moment (in the ICU) I grasp the fact that she won’t. It all made sense then why during my 1st trimester I haven’t actually told any friend about my pregnancy, but somehow I did sms her about it. At that time, I thought I was being spontaneous coz I was too happy, but actually Allah has destined such to happen. And her response was “bestnye, camne boley tau”; and I knew she was sincerely happy for me.

I never told anyone, but actually deep in my heart I felt guilty coz the situation is like:- she has to leave the world in order for me to get pregnant. I know it’s not true, that’s why I never tell anyone about it but I do have that feeling at that time. I felt like I’m being selfish, like I abandon her. Now I truly know why movies/novels do describe such moments coz it does exist.

May she rest in peace…amin.