I think I made a mistake by introducing AE to the office

I think I made a mistake by bringing AE to the office on weekends.

[I have to come to the office once in a fortnight for my report].

At first, it was like a win-win situation. I don’t have to sneak out from our home and rushing to complete my report. Additionally, AE seems to enjoy the empty department. He had so much fun kicking my stress ball with hubby and running from my place to the end and back again 20 times. Then he filled up my tupperware bottle with water, wash his face a bit, playing with the blind window, and coloring.

However lately, he keeps on saying he wants to follow me to the office even during weekday. I tried reasoning to him that unlike weekends, he can’t come to the office during weekday but of course a 2-year old find such information is hard to comprehend.

To explain the meaning of ‘weekday vs weekend’ is one thing. To comprehend the meaning of ‘daycare’ and ‘office’ is another thing. One day he even said “Tu office ashman” (while pointing to a building). Nie belum campur nak explain angah oncall malam2 kat hospital lagik..huhuhu….[pernah jugak drama malam minggu “nak angah nak angah!” kat luar hospital okeh…]

I told him the office was full with people and kids are not allowed. I’m trying hard not to create fairytale stories like “evil boss” just yet :). In principle, I just don’t like the idea of frightening kids with ghost / police / crazy people, but things might change based on our tolerance in reasoning and explaining :).

Anyway, as a result of the ‘office fun’, AE sometimes now wake up early morning and persuades me to bring him along to the office. He doesn’t whine but instead speak so softly it tears my heart apart. Thus after the reasoning-explaining session the crying will start and separation becomes harder. *sigh*

I think it’s not that he doesn’t really comprehend what I meant, but he just can’t accept it. Coz when we picked him up later at the daycare at the end of the day, he even repeats what I say “tak boley pergi ofis, ramai orang” (cannot go the office, many people) means he understand what I’m saying.

The only solution I have now is to send him early in the morning (half an hour earlier than usual) so that he won’t wake up just yet. [So far he’s okay when I carry him to daycare if he’s still very sleepy].

I love you so much Ashman Ehsan. Memang kalau boley mummy nak bawak pergi ofis hari2 tapi apakan daya nie bukan bisnes keluarga sendiri. Satu share pun mummy takde. Tunggu yek mummy bukak bisnes sendiri and jadi CEO. Hehehe…amin…

his first ever real ride alone. He said he wanted to ride, but from his look he didn't expect he will ride it alone. Well, no tears. Mummy so proud:)

he barely move at all throughout the ride. Reminded me so much of my own childhood:)

but unlike mummy, you love animal and not afraid to pet them - Sunway Lagoon Pet Village

loves of my life! posing lentok cam mummy:)


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