fear of regret than fear of failure

Things are a bit packed this month. I keep on postponing writing in this blog (the ideas were there, I just couldn’t find the time to pour it out), until today when I wanted to write and look at the calendar – – – OMG it’s already 20th???

We are already halfway through July and I don’t even realise it??? Wait, this can’t be right. I opened up the online newspaper and it said Wednesday, July 13th. Okay computer!!! Why are you bringing one whole week forward??? It isn’t funny coz I have report to submit and puasa to ganti okehh!!! Oh just imagine if that happened in real life. Like you just lost 1 whole week without noticing how it passed by. Cewah macam cerita 13 going on 30 pulak:) [I like that story btw]

Anyway, I just wanna share share you something Ryan Seacrest tweet earlier on how the Duke and Duchess politely turn down offer to be ‘on air’ with him. The official reply read like this:

“It’s very kind of you to offer the Duke and Duchess on Ryan’s radio show. I very sorry to say, however, that the couple will not be undertaking any interviews during their tour of Canada and California, or before or immediately after it. This is normal practice for members of the royal family when an official overseas visit occurs. Furthermore the Duke and Duchess actually very rarely take part in interviews at all. Sorry to be sending a disappointing response, but hope you enjoy their visit to California.”

I really smiled reading that statement. Of course they rarely give interviews. Some more, this is ‘on air’, celebrity vibes kind of interview. But it actually amazed me how Ryan and his team tried to pursue something like this. It’s like nothing is impossible in their work ethic. Just give it a try, nothing to lose.

It also reminded me of this one quotation I read in Reader’s Digest from a lady who changed her career from a surgeon to a shoe designer (sorry I forgot her name). In view of her career change, the interviewer asked whether at first she was worried of what other people like her relatives will say. Her respond is
I fear of regret more than fear of failure.
If I tried and fail, so be it. At least I already tried. If not, I will be forever regret not having to try to pursue it.

Now I’m kind of reminding myself that reasoning whenever I’m too afraid to try something:)

Btw, isn’t Duchess Kate a lovely lady. Love her dress! It was reported that she brought 40 dresses in her 12 days official visit to U.S (rajin reporter tu kira). Sometimes it feels better to read news on duchess’ dress or the newly arrival Harper Seven Beckham coz the current news tak abis abis dengan Bersih, Patriot, whatever, sangat memenatkan untuk baca….


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