AE is 2.5 years old

AE reached 2 and ½ years last week. Alhamdulilah.

I feel very blessed. It is amazing that a small boy can give so much happiness. Sometimes my journey with AE reminded me so much of my old time working at Preschool. How a kid’s smile or sentence can give me so much joy. Only now the joy is hundred times more:).

Ashman Ehsan,

Now that you are 2.5 years old, you can put more than 5 words in a sentence. Seriously, you talk a lot now when you want to. I remembered when you are 1 year old, I’m quite anxious why you didn’t talk much but the pediatrician gave simply logical explanation – “don’t worry, boys talk less than girls.” 🙂

Since you are in daycare, I believe you acquire a few vocabularies there…oh yeah and from Upin Ipin, too. You’ll say things like “oh sedapnya kek nie”, “apalah aku nie”, “lajunya ashman lari”, “daddy janganla kacau”.

cayang mummy

You are into very active boyish activities lately such as football, hockey and court run. We run from the front door till the back of the house 50 times everyday. You climb on sofa and on us! I don’t think you realize yet that mummy is a feminine lady that supposedly don’t play all these rough games🙂. Sometimes you fall and cry for a few minutes and back to play again.

football with Amchik

hockey time

Somehow you don’t like plaster. Your pinky finger caught in the fan (while singing Madagascar move it move it song) and bled a bit. I tried to put plaster but you hated it so much and cried until I took it off again. *Sungguh drama okay*. I have to buy mickey mouse plaster soon in case emergency strikes again.

Your favorite movies range from Upin Ipin to Madagascar now. You started to follow Alex the lion dance movement. I’m thinking to impose tv limit time when you turn 3 years old. What do you think? You love to read books about animals, learning its habitats and characteristics. You recognize anemone in an instant, thanks to Disney’s Finding Nemo. [mummy dah tua baru tau perkataan anemone yek]

reading at MPH

Water play continues to be your favorite. You also love to play playdough with daddy, playing sand with mummy, and feed the birds outside. Somehow you are like me, a homey person – thus sometimes you feel homesick. This happened last week when we went to PD and at night you cried wanting to go home. Nenek said the same thing happened when I was 2 years old:) hehe…

You like to eat cakes, mac & cheese, eggs, carrots, tomato and home made fried rice. Oh yeah, Angah introduced slurpee to you and of course you love it. Everytime we pass by 7-Eleven, you will say ‘sopi’ which sometimes I will say “mak sopi kat rumah’ – referring to my sister hehe…sorry sayang.

Like other 2 years old, tantrum becomes more frequent. You insisted on the things you want amongst others to watch tv/computer past your bedtime, [shouting youtube youtube on the top of your lung!], or don’t want to change your poopy smelly diaper [tolonglah bau sangat busuk mummy tak tahan!]… and when we have different views with you – you will cry so loud with pitch so high I almost surrender. But I have to teach you discipline hence so sorry darling sometimes I have to ignore your melancholic cry.

Ashman Ehsan, whatever it is, I love you so much. I hope you are always in best of iman, health, and happiness. I want to hug and kiss you everyday muahss muahsss..

nie lagi satu favorite xtvt..main bedak:)

nak pergi mana tu? ready for sandplay:)

tantrum moment

you always sweat from all the activities we have to cut your beautiful wavy hair

nampak lagik macho tak? kantoi mummy tgh layan citer Castle kat tv hehe....

Ashman cakap Marisse cepatlah besar kita main sama2:)

AE favorite! water play!!!


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