fatherly love

We don’t normally celebrate Mother’s or Father’s day. I believe we should celebrate each other everyday:). Plus, hotels and restaurants really mark up prices during these special days hehe…Eh, kan best kalau everyday our birthday too? hahaha…Emm tapi tak special pulak nanti…tarik balik..huhu….

Anyway, I was really enlighten by this one article in The Star neswpaper last week and thought of sharing it with you guys. It’s about a noodle-seller, Chong Hoi Khow and his daughter Yu Xin which suffers cerebral palsy. I pulled out the article to bring it home and show hubby. But then later I found the online version here. Thanks to Parenthots for sharing. The story is plain simple story. But I love it coz it shows that money can never be a barrier to true love. Here are some pictures that grabbed my heart:

a picture can really speak thousand words...

carrying her everyday into their house at Ampang Tasik Permai

The next article in the paper is about the Special Children Society of Ampang (which I can’t find the online version though). It is a not-for profit organization for these special kids to do physio, learn & play. I love the fact that they are kind-heart volunteers who care about these kids. It makes me love Malaysia more. I think it even reflects the spirit of 1Malaysia better than any banners or Facebook campaign. 🙂


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