entri biru

A few years back when it was my first year in marriage, I discovered that some of my girlfriends watch *cerita biru* with their husbands. So I thought, maybe I should give it a try – you know, just to see what the fuss was all about. Plus maybe it would be good for knowledge, so I thought.

 So I tried. OMG. OMG. OMG. I can only watch a few seconds of the story. Well, if you would like call it a story to begin with. It made me sick inside my stomach and felt like vomiting. I myself was shocked with my own reaction coz I thought I will be okay with it. Coz so far I was okay with movies with 18SX label, you know…something like Pretty Woman film, or maybe when Britney kissing Madonna at the MTV award. Well well, I guess it was not the same at all. For me this was really disgusting. It was like watching someone undergone appendix operation in OT table.

 I never tell anyone about it. I thought I am weird (coz I knew some girls watch it). Am I that conservative? Is something wrong with me? Until last year a group of girls talked about this and they said they hated it, too. Oh what a relief….at least it’s not only me. Huhu….so I guess I better share it with the girls out there. So if you have that same feeling, we are in the same boat yeah=)

 Honestly, I’m not sure what is the rule regarding such things in islam. Well, googling about it won’t help coz something else will appear on the screen. But I do believe looking at too much of that stuff won’t be good for your heart, mind and soul. Plus I think it was seriously misleading. Hello, it is totally unreal. Seriously. So it won’t be good to your relationship as well. Hmm….what do you think?


3 responses

  1. hahah..i once found x rated vid jugak on a relative’s winamp playlist..bila tgk…omg..macam manala orang laki suka tgk benda gini..huhu. it was gross…like you said kalau tgk pretty woman tu mcm ok tapi bila dah xxx hahah loya2

  2. mon..i’ve read some where..in magazines kot this xrated vid ni..in Islam, mcm prohibited jugak la sbb it can disturb a real relatiionship with hubs…i dunno..never try n will not kot…..

  3. Nisa: thanks for sharing. Yup, I think I read somewhere in magazine that it can weaken your memories, too. Tapi tak ingat kat mane…

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