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While we were in Sabah (early this month during my birthday), there was this one morning we wanted to go to Tamu Gaya but since AE fell asleep the night before I didn’t have a heart to wake him up. As sun rise much earlier at the land below the wind, I didn’t feel like going if it’s already late. Thus I surfed the internet looking for other alternative places to visit and enjoy with the family and stumbled upon this place. The tripadvisor gives mix reviews about the place, but since it only about 10 mins from our the city, I feel like we should give it a shot.

When AE woke up,  in attempt to persuaded him to quickly take bath, I said…“Ashman, jom siap pastu kita pergi tengok shark”

and he said… “hmm…whale ada tak?” 🙂

The place was not great, it was super-excellence!

Upon arrival, we went straight to the feeding session.

upon arrived at the feeding place, AE terpaku seketika:)

It was kind of informal where they talked about the importance for us to preserve nature, sea and to say no to shark fin. It is indeed a good message to children. You should call them to double confirm on feeding session time.

feeding time

AE taknak tengok camera nak tengok diver hehe

After the session ended, we spent a long time just going around the place. You can touch the small sharks, horseshoe crab, and starfish. The good thing is each station has Green Connection staff to educate you and answer your Qs.

starfish, but AE declined to touch

you can also join coral planting activity

There were also outdoor games for kids; simple games but kids really love it (I think AE spent 1 hour there alone!) like bubble and balls flowing in water.

sangat semangat tiup bubble okey!

AE love this one, I was watching from far...hehe...

Upstairs, they have some sort of mini ‘national science center’ set up. With educational games such as on animal habitats and food chain.

mix and match on habitat

animal puzzles

learning about food chain

Most games are made of recycled items which I think very interesting. We spent another hour here:). It can actually go beyond that but our feet were already tired. We were ready to leave, taking picture in front of the giant octopus outside and only realised there were actually another part we have yet to explore, its kind of the backyard of the building.

very friendly staff

There were other kind of fishes there, like arapaima (or is it arowama?), river-water fish, and they exhibit life under jetty, oil rig (hubby loves this part so much), etc.

kengkonon oil rig:)

There were also snake – which the staff persuaded me to touch “cuba lah pegang jangan takut”… But of course I didn’t. hehe…

abang yg soh aku pegang snake::P

dah nak balik baru perasan ada maze nie..tak larat dah kaki den oii...

After 3 hours, we finally left the place in satisfaction. It is actually a very good place for family. Very educational and at the same time give exposure to those who love the lives underneath the sea. If you at KK and suddenly need a place to bring your kid, this is absolutely no. 1 in the list. We should have one in KL so we can bring AE every weekend! hihi… It’s a combination of Aquaria + national science centre but better! The staffs (mixed of locals and expats) are friendly and helpful. Check out their website at Green Connection

Bon voyage for now:)

captain Ashman:)


2 responses

  1. What a lovely blog! AE seems to have really enjoyed all the puzzles and games in the discovery centre 🙂 Would you mind if I put a link to your blog from our website? Also, would you mind sharing your comments with Trip Advisor? People aren’t really sure what to expect, so the more reviews (good and bad), the better.


    Web chic
    The Green Connection

  2. Sure no problem. Yup, he really enjoyed it! And also the top tower (with old style telephone) which I forgot to mention here. Keep up the good work, we will definitely go back if we are in Sabah again:)

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