A walk to remember

Last week was our 6th wedding anniversary. In view of trying to write something about it, I browse our pictures collection to upload here. Of course I will try to find picture of myself looking the best right..hahaha..that’s normal.

But then I stumbled upon this photo. It was candidly snapped by my nephew when we went backpacking in Semporna 3 years ago. Picture can really speak a thousand words. This very simple photo proves it. How we were in need of each other and loving each other company although in tired and sweat=).

a walk to remember

When we first got married, I was so into us wearing matching clothes. I see a lot of couples do that. You know – like when it’s raya and both couple wearing matching colors. Some people even wearing matching shirts whenever they go out. People will then drool on how romantic they were.

But then my mind changed when I accidentally came across this one couple. They do wear matching colors during raya and even hanged the picture on the wall, but then I realized that’s the only time I see them together. Other than that, they are both apart – Physically and emotionally. Okay, I don’t want to be like that.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I still like ‘baju raya’ 🙂. (hubby, please still buy me baju raya this year;). What I meant is although such family portrait is nice (some more u can parade it in FB), the togetherness is much more important. The need to be in each other’s arms, the feeling that you feel safe with him. That is priceless.

After 6 years marriage and don’t know how many years courting, of course we don’t have that adrenaline rush like teenagers anymore, where we want to hold each other hands and hear each other voice all the time. We enter new phases every year which I believe all married couples experienced. But despite all kind of different mazes we explored, we still understand each other. At the end of the day, we always feel we belonged together. I believe that is part of unconditional love.

oh yeah... this is where mummy & daddy first met:)

Happy anniversary hubby. Our journey is definitely a walk to remember.

May Allah bless our relationship, ameen. 


4 responses

  1. Oh gosh intentional matchy-matchy clothes makes me flinch 😛
    Not to be unromantic, but celebrating understanding towards each others’ differences seem a more realistic notion for me 🙂
    Happy (belated) anniversary!

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