Alhamdulilah last weekend was ideal. We just lazying around, woke up late,  cuddling on the bed (okay, this did not apply to hubby as he was busy spring cleaning). But honestly isn’t cuddling the best! Until now I can still remember how my son’s hair smell=). Later we ate some ice cream, watched some tv, play some games and ate 2 servings of nasik dagang (my favorite!) and 1 serving of laksam. OMG it makes me so full! Thank you those who are responsible importing all those delicious food to Ampang.

Overall, weekend was so much relaxing it makes me dreaded that today is Monday. It was not because I hate to go to work, coz I love my work. As geek as this may sounds, I actually look forward to contribute. *maybe semangat kerja baru*, thus maybe that’s mean we should change job at least every 3 years haha…

Nevertheless I hate leaving my home sweet home. Hate to be separated with my loved ones (+cozy bed). Oh this is what we called homesick! Can’t believe I still get this at this age. LOL.

My first homesick –– of course the typical first boarding school experience when I was in form 1. So emotional, for a few months I cried like nobody else business whenever I called home or whenever I got letters from home. There were no handphones or email back then. Students will que at public phone waiting for their turn to cry, literally:). Then there were also dramas at Stesen Bas Puduraya everytime holidays ended. There were four of us. Semua pakat nangis dalam bas… hahahaha….

My 2nd homesick – Another boarding school at age 16. But not too bad. Only for a few days. I believe this is due to study stress actually. Lucky my mom won’t accept my plea to go home coz it was a very good decision to stay. Thanks roommate for the sweet note.

Other than that, I don’t think I get homesick anymore. Well of course when studying abroad you will remember Malaysia so often, but not so melancholic it makes you feel like crying or packing your bag instantly. So, what about your homesick stories?

Now, again I’m homesick all over again. Wanted to go home to hug and play with munchkins. Even though there were tantrums with the little one,  (taknak mandi, taknak pakai pampers, taknak itu, taknak ini!!! ughgugghghghghghg), you are still my sweet little pie.

Some snapshots last week~

haircut day:)

main bedak sehabis hati:)

at SMART Kids Fair PWTC

where my heart lies:)


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