what the picture says?

A few months ago hubby asked me why I  never posted pictures of my cooking dish in the blog like other people. I laughed, know he was joking. He knows I’m just not that kind of person. Honestly, I cook dinner at least 3 times/week but I never even thought of taking pictures of it. It is usually a very fast affair:

1) peel onions/garlic/ginger while defrost the meat & cook rice (while hubby pick up budak comel at daycare);
2) put whatever the recipe that day on the stove, the most will be 2 dishes. (budak comel comes and greets me in the kitchen);
3) leave the dish on the stove and I go take my bath & pray.
4) voila…dinner time!

Some people asked why don’t we eat outside, won’t it be easier…Well, actually eating at home is much easier. Budak comel won’t meragam, food is fresh, economically efficient, and healthier, too. Seriously, don’t know how much salt/sugar/ajinomoto/oil they put in our food. You might don’t realise it, but if you abstain from eating outside food for a few months (I did during my pregnancy), and then start eating again – you could taste the difference.

Well anyway what the heck yang I mengarut pasal outside food nie..actually I wanted to share this article I read in The Star newspaper yesterday about taking pictures; you could read it here: Say Cheese.

I feel it is very true. Unlike the old days, nowadays people (including me) are too excited with taking pictures. Sometimes you take it purposely to share it in the net, so that others can comment on it, rather than the true objective of wanting to capture the memories. Sometimes in celebrated occasions, more times are spent on taking pictures rather than talking to each other.  

Once at the zoo, I saw a little girl crying coz the mom persuaded her to pose with the giant ‘crocs’ outside the crocs shop. I realised the the little girl wearing the same color crocs with the giant one, no doubt it will be a cute picture and mom’s friends will definitely comment on it. Yet we were at the zoo, of coz the little girl was not interested with the giant croc! 

Some DSLR bunches also are getting too excited with editing using photoshop whatsoever, they forget to capture the fond memories. Thus I found some pictures are as clear as the sky, yet not that meaningful. Like the writer said, at the end you ended up with memories of taking pictures instead!

I guess that’s the power of digital world. Just hope we won’t lose our beautiful memories to technology.

*Another death at MACC? Scary…


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