My Jinxed Monday

You looked like you were ready to fall back to sleep.
But then you took a look at me.
I was writing your name in the attendance book.
I guess you know my next step is leaving the place thus you started to cry.
I can’t help but came over to give you one last kiss. It didn’t stop your cry, perhaps it gets louder?
The teacher comforted you, thus I pulled whatever strength I have to leave the place.
Walking under the rain, I cried as well.
Walking towards the car, I wonder whether my 2-years old boy understand the fact that I feel sad as well….and I wonder how other moms handle this? (other than letting the dad send you?).

Our saturday morning. Look at the artwork, you know how to stamp with the brush rather than normal painting and nobody teaches you that. Good job!

 *Reading my previous entry, I felt that my writing is jinxed. I said you didn’t cry and you end up crying today. I said you love jam and yesterday we fought coz you not eating the jam sandwich you made. Huh…It’s like last time when I told Sue you don’t touch daddy’s vase and next day u broke it huhu…..


5 responses

  1. Sue: yeah I guess that’s the right word. Unpredictable! Hari nie okay, letak dia – terus sambung tidur cam biasa, lega:)
    Dieya: It’s his daycare, he went there since he’s 2 months. Sekolah belum lagik, takut budak laki nie sekolah awal2 nnt boring. (gender bias?) hahaha….

  2. mula2 baca, mcm surat cinta zaman couple2 dulu, huhu…
    tp skang surat cinta utk anak plaks…
    jgn sedey mon, doa byk2…
    alhamdulillah luqman ok so far, tatau aa plaks biler dah makin besar nanti…
    tp slalu pesan kat dier to behave… dr fadilah kamsah ckp whatever we talk and think is a prayer to our kid, so think and talk +ve, insyaAllah ok la tu…

  3. nany!!! surat zaman couple dulu jgn citer…malu!!! hahahahaha
    yeah…ashman ikut mood kot. Coz smlm and hari nie dia okay jer bila tinggalkan..mcm adult gak la…. perasaan bercampur baur hehe…

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