my favorite amongst the Fledglings

the one and only Ryan

Not until after a few days ago when I read that Raul wanted to swap shirt with Ryan at Veltins-Arena UCL semi final only I realised Ryan Giggs is fancied by so many people. Raul is like the prince for Real Madrid his whole life, he’s like the prodigy of all prodigies, and for him to make such statement – I as die hard Giggs’ fan beaming proudly:)

Although Ryan was awarded PFA Young Player of the Year Award for two consecutive years (1992 & 93), I realised he is not as famous as other EPL & Man U players such as Beckham & CRonaldo. Throughout the seasons, he’s more like a best man rather than the groom. But I do adore him. He just have that ‘good boy but sportman’ charisma vibes. I have posters of him in my locker back in high school and even put his surname as my last name hahaha…Of course poster beckham pun ada hehe…but Giggs has always be no.1 in my heart amongst the Fergie Fledglings (the youth team recruited by Fergie that leads to various victories needless to mention here).

Media coined the term Fergie Fledglings as it mimics Busby Babes team, the famous youthful MU team assembled by Sir Matt Busby. Honestly I don’t know a lot about Busby Babes as that was a very long time ago, before I heart football. My time (the time when we sneaked into tv room coz it was already past bed time in boarding school) – it was already Fergie Fledglings moments. Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, Nevilles brothers, and Nicky Butt.

the Fergie Fledgings...more cute than handsome I suppose....

[Sangat comel hehe….]

Now after almost 17 years, again I sneaked out quietly of bedroom, so that my 2 years old still breasfteeding son will not awake….switch on the tv to watch UCL semi final – and there he is…Giggs still on the pitch. The last Fergie Fledgings standing, energetic as ever:)

It’s amazing at the age of 37 years old (for football player that is extra-old already), he can still play full 90 minutes on the pitch (tolong laa aku skang baru lari baper langkah dah tak larat…). Not only he played, he scored and assisted important goals from time to time without failed. Latest being last week score against Schalke 04 -making him the oldest player to score in UCL (previously it was Inzaghi).

Yet, now I still adore him for many other reasons; mainly his humility, discipline, and commitment. He is never self-centered (like some footballers!), rather he always say the winning is all about the squad, not individuals. Further, despite being in EPL his whole life that was fulled with gossips, he was never involved in one, but rather led a quiet moderate life.

with his children Libby & Zach

[No hope of seeing hubby and kid wearing matching MAN U jersey like above…huhu]

Flashback to year 1987, Giggs played in a match for Salford Boys against a United Under-15s side and scored a hat trick, with Fergie watching from his office window. Later during Giggs’s 14th birthday, Fergie turned up at his house with United scout Joe Brown and offered him two years on associate schoolboy forms, waive his youth scheme forms, and offering the opportunity to turn professional in three years.

Ryan playing for England Schoolboys in year 1989

Nevertheless Giggs said the things he most remembered at that time was when Fergie said that all the coaches there can help him with football matters, but if he ever needed anything outside football, the door was always open. Fergie knew little things like his mom and dad’s names and his parents splitting up; which made him want to play for him and sign for United.

As promised, Giggs turned professional on 29 November 1990 (his 17th birthday) and made his League debut against Everton at Old Trafford 2 March 1991. I’m glad Fergie knocked on Giggs door on his birthday 24 years ago. Coz if not, I firmly believe Man United won’t be as glory without Giggs. Simply legendary.


Oh yeah…and they did swap jersey. Two greatest footballers of all time:)

Raul & Ryan - the best.

*Source: Google search/Wikipedia



Alhamdulilah last weekend was ideal. We just lazying around, woke up late,  cuddling on the bed (okay, this did not apply to hubby as he was busy spring cleaning). But honestly isn’t cuddling the best! Until now I can still remember how my son’s hair smell=). Later we ate some ice cream, watched some tv, play some games and ate 2 servings of nasik dagang (my favorite!) and 1 serving of laksam. OMG it makes me so full! Thank you those who are responsible importing all those delicious food to Ampang.

Overall, weekend was so much relaxing it makes me dreaded that today is Monday. It was not because I hate to go to work, coz I love my work. As geek as this may sounds, I actually look forward to contribute. *maybe semangat kerja baru*, thus maybe that’s mean we should change job at least every 3 years haha…

Nevertheless I hate leaving my home sweet home. Hate to be separated with my loved ones (+cozy bed). Oh this is what we called homesick! Can’t believe I still get this at this age. LOL.

My first homesick –– of course the typical first boarding school experience when I was in form 1. So emotional, for a few months I cried like nobody else business whenever I called home or whenever I got letters from home. There were no handphones or email back then. Students will que at public phone waiting for their turn to cry, literally:). Then there were also dramas at Stesen Bas Puduraya everytime holidays ended. There were four of us. Semua pakat nangis dalam bas… hahahaha….

My 2nd homesick – Another boarding school at age 16. But not too bad. Only for a few days. I believe this is due to study stress actually. Lucky my mom won’t accept my plea to go home coz it was a very good decision to stay. Thanks roommate for the sweet note.

Other than that, I don’t think I get homesick anymore. Well of course when studying abroad you will remember Malaysia so often, but not so melancholic it makes you feel like crying or packing your bag instantly. So, what about your homesick stories?

Now, again I’m homesick all over again. Wanted to go home to hug and play with munchkins. Even though there were tantrums with the little one,  (taknak mandi, taknak pakai pampers, taknak itu, taknak ini!!! ughgugghghghghghg), you are still my sweet little pie.

Some snapshots last week~

haircut day:)

main bedak sehabis hati:)

at SMART Kids Fair PWTC

where my heart lies:)

what the picture says?

A few months ago hubby asked me why I  never posted pictures of my cooking dish in the blog like other people. I laughed, know he was joking. He knows I’m just not that kind of person. Honestly, I cook dinner at least 3 times/week but I never even thought of taking pictures of it. It is usually a very fast affair:

1) peel onions/garlic/ginger while defrost the meat & cook rice (while hubby pick up budak comel at daycare);
2) put whatever the recipe that day on the stove, the most will be 2 dishes. (budak comel comes and greets me in the kitchen);
3) leave the dish on the stove and I go take my bath & pray.
4) voila…dinner time!

Some people asked why don’t we eat outside, won’t it be easier…Well, actually eating at home is much easier. Budak comel won’t meragam, food is fresh, economically efficient, and healthier, too. Seriously, don’t know how much salt/sugar/ajinomoto/oil they put in our food. You might don’t realise it, but if you abstain from eating outside food for a few months (I did during my pregnancy), and then start eating again – you could taste the difference.

Well anyway what the heck yang I mengarut pasal outside food nie..actually I wanted to share this article I read in The Star newspaper yesterday about taking pictures; you could read it here: Say Cheese.

I feel it is very true. Unlike the old days, nowadays people (including me) are too excited with taking pictures. Sometimes you take it purposely to share it in the net, so that others can comment on it, rather than the true objective of wanting to capture the memories. Sometimes in celebrated occasions, more times are spent on taking pictures rather than talking to each other.  

Once at the zoo, I saw a little girl crying coz the mom persuaded her to pose with the giant ‘crocs’ outside the crocs shop. I realised the the little girl wearing the same color crocs with the giant one, no doubt it will be a cute picture and mom’s friends will definitely comment on it. Yet we were at the zoo, of coz the little girl was not interested with the giant croc! 

Some DSLR bunches also are getting too excited with editing using photoshop whatsoever, they forget to capture the fond memories. Thus I found some pictures are as clear as the sky, yet not that meaningful. Like the writer said, at the end you ended up with memories of taking pictures instead!

I guess that’s the power of digital world. Just hope we won’t lose our beautiful memories to technology.

*Another death at MACC? Scary…

My Jinxed Monday

You looked like you were ready to fall back to sleep.
But then you took a look at me.
I was writing your name in the attendance book.
I guess you know my next step is leaving the place thus you started to cry.
I can’t help but came over to give you one last kiss. It didn’t stop your cry, perhaps it gets louder?
The teacher comforted you, thus I pulled whatever strength I have to leave the place.
Walking under the rain, I cried as well.
Walking towards the car, I wonder whether my 2-years old boy understand the fact that I feel sad as well….and I wonder how other moms handle this? (other than letting the dad send you?).

Our saturday morning. Look at the artwork, you know how to stamp with the brush rather than normal painting and nobody teaches you that. Good job!

 *Reading my previous entry, I felt that my writing is jinxed. I said you didn’t cry and you end up crying today. I said you love jam and yesterday we fought coz you not eating the jam sandwich you made. Huh…It’s like last time when I told Sue you don’t touch daddy’s vase and next day u broke it huhu…..