AE at 2YRS and 3M

Alhamdulilah hubby and I both got new jobs this year. So far I love the place and it is much nearer to hubby’s and to house. The only setback is my working hours is 1/2hr earlier than normal and hubby’s working hour is another 1/2 hour later. Thus AE was robbed extra 1 hour everyday. I am a firm believer that TIME is more important than money. But in this case looks like we need to sacrifice a bit more of time.

I feel pity that we have to send him before the day is bright and pick him up when the day is almost over. It’s not like he cries when we leave/pick him, rather he is usually sleeping (am) and happily playing with his girlfriend (pm). It’s just me being emotional. huhu.

But the good thing is we both get to go off early on Friday so every Friday we will pick him up earlier (usually after 530pm as that time the daycare friends watching Upin Ipin). Plus AE still don’t go to school so he gets to stay up late. His normal sleep time is 12midnite! Huhu..ngantuk  beb melayan die especially kalau time die hyperactive terlajak sampai kul 2am but I thankful for the few hours that we get to spend together.

Ashman Ehsan,
I want you to know it is very hard for me to leave you everyday. There’s one moment I almost quit my job but then reasoned and opted to change job to something less oustation/late hours. Maybe later I could opt for something more flexible like 1/2 day job or work from home, if Allah permits. In the meantime, I hope you are healthy and happy at the daycare.

my favorite picture of you in my handphone:)

our happy friday - this is towards the end dah tak main dah mencangkung...terus duduk hihi

night hang out at KLCC:)

your weekend playing with cousin (dpt jugak kak huserk main playdough) 🙂

AE put a lot of eyes on that black scary spider;)

Now that you are 2 years and 3M, you talk a lot more and repeat our conversation. You learn from dunno who language expression, such as “ooohhh sedapnya…” or “waahhhh cantiknya…” . Your favorite food now is bread with butter+jam, sometimes you love the jam so much you wiped it all over your face. Thanks to Angah, you also start drinking syrup.  

You dance every night to kids video clips of your choice. You has mastered ABC Song and now singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  You also start watching Finding Nemo (I think this is was the first official movie you like). You recognize a lot more animals; some are quite hard even for adult such as manatee, artic fox (ape kebenda tu hehe), porcupine, orangutan, and owl.

I love you Ashman Ehsan, so much so much so much.


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