The Power of One

During the interval period between my old job and new job, I have a pleasure of one-week off. No study, just off – which actually rarely happened these days. I don’t want to waste my 1 week (u know, like after a week past by you were wondering what actually you have accomplished); so I made my own schedule on 1) things to clean, 2) to read, and 3) to watch.

My to watch list list comprises of amongst others Marley & Me (lovely story), Inglorious Basterd (dissapointed), The Last Song (s0-s0), Changeling (sad), Slumdog Millionaire (sad in the beginning but interesting!), My Name Is Khan (I just love Kajol & SRK partnership!), and The Blind Side.

Amazingly, The Blind Side touched my heart more than I have expected. I bought that movie just because of Sandra Bullock and don’t really have too-high expectation.

For the benefit of those who have not watch it, the story is about Leigh Ann Tuohy (portrayed by Sandra Bullock) and her family that adopted Michael Oher from the street. Subsequently Oher got to Ole university and is currently a successful football player. Prior to adoption, Oher moves from one adoption family to another (in the movie portrated as ghetto-like area) and he never own a bed and only has 2 shirts (this part is in movie, not sure whether it’s true or not).

In my opinion, it was actually an extraordinary movie and since it was a true story, it was  actually an extraordinary story. I think it was truly amazing that someone from rich lifestyle can open up their home to someone so big (seriously literally big) and from difference race. I mean, it might be norm nowadays to adopt babies from different race. You know, babies are cute regardless of colors. But a teenage one? Oh Wow…..I really respect Leigh Ann Tuohy.  She shows me that kindness is limitless and colorless.

the real Leigh Ann with Michael

There was one part where Oher was walking under the rain and Leigh Ann said “stop, this is not right” – I actually quite taken aback with that. World nowadays as I see it is a selfish place where people are always in hurry to reach to their goals, they don’t stop for other people.  I know I won’t. Rather if I were Leigh Ann, I must be thinking about what’s on the table for thanksgiving dinner.

Halfway through the movie, I expected the husband, Sean (btw plays by Tim McGraw which was so cool!)  or her teenage daughter to protest. Somehow they didn’t. There’s no drama. The movie is just plain throughout…Well, coz it is the true story, and I’m glad it is like that. It shows that such stories still exist in real world and it really motivates me.

the Tuohy family

You know whenever I watch such story, I will remember Yasmin Ahmad. When she passed away, the tv interviewed her workers, and this one bangladeshi who worked with her said that unlike other people, Yasmin looked/treated him normally and super-nicely. Like there’s no difference at all and the Bangladeshi could feel the difference. I felt shallow coz I knew sometimes I did that -look at them with different ‘look’.

People like Leigh Ann Tuohy and Yasmin Ahmad shows humanity through their action, not through slogan or songs. I hope I can be more like them, and hopefully our generation and future generation will be filled with more people like them. Tuohy’s family said it’s actually the power of one. One person can’t necessarily change the world, but you can definitely change the world for one person. Okay peeps, show me the power of ONE!


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